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Topic: Freezing Decorated Cake
cakesdesign 11/22/2012 10:21 PM
Hello all,

I am wondering what is the best method for freezing a cake decorated and filled with buttercream icing.
If the decorated cake is frozen how much time should be allowed for it to thaw well? At room temperature or
refrigerated (thawing)? I have heard of wrapping the decorated cake in a plastic wrap - is it better to take off
the plastic wrap prior to thawing out the cake?

My prior experience with freezing a decorated cake: I put the cake in a cake box and put the box in the
freezer for about a week. I ended up throwing out the cake because of excessive beading/ a lot of wet
condensation (drops of water) on the cake.

I appreciate any tips.
sweetgrandma 11/23/2012 9:40 AM
The only time I freeze a decorated cake is if it's the top tier of a wedding cake. Is there a reason you can't just freeze the uniced layers and then take them out and decorate them a day or so before the event?
cakesdesign 11/23/2012 3:23 PM
Hi Sweetgrandma. Thanks for the reply. I am thinking that I will eventually have to decorate the cake a day before the wedding. It's a sheet cake that I will tort and fill. I would like to decorate the cake and freeze it because I will be short on time the days leading up to the wedding. I will also look into freezing the uniced cake to save time.

How do you go about thawing your decorated cakes?
atomicladie 11/23/2012 9:28 PM
I froze a buttercream decorated cake once and it worked out very well. A cake friend of mine told me put it in the freezer unwrapped till the frosting freezes, maybe 1 or 2 hours? Then take it out cover it in Saran Wrap ( since the frosting is frozen, it will not mess it up, just cover it completely but loosely so you do not squash any of your decorating). I believe mine fit in a plastic cake carrier and I just put it back in the freezer. It was frozen for over two weeks. When you decide to take it out, unwrap it right away and let it thaw. I can't remember how long I let it thaw but my guess is I took it out in the a.m. And just let it thaw all day. I served it after dinner. This worked really well, and I would have never thought of doing it the way she suggested.
Teresa0401 11/30/2012 12:30 PM
I tried freezing a decorated cake and it did not work out very well. It was for my Dad's birthday last year. I took it out of the freezer and just has soon has it started thawing, it started weeping. It ran for hours, I would try to take a paper towel and dry where the water was running, but it maded streaks and runs down the cake. I was so assume of it, but Dad did not care. Lesson learned I don't freeze decorated cakes no more.

If I were to freeze a decorated cake again, I think I would try to put it in the refrigator until completey thaw. Don't just set it on the counter, you might regret it like I did.
JLynne93 11/30/2012 2:08 PM
I have frozen a decorated cake and will never do it again, because of how bad the colors bled. I work 2 other full time jobs and go to school and still find time to decorate the cake at least 1 day or the night before so I don't have to freeze the decorated cake.
cakesdesign 12/04/2012 11:28 AM
Hello everyone,
Thank you so much for the suggestions. My confusion was how to freeze the cake and how to thaw it. Well, prior to making the actual cake I made a small tester cake a few days prior, iced it, froze it and thawed it. It went surprisingly well, so I did the same for the wedding cake. This was what I did: I iced the cake and let it sit in the freezer for at least 2 hours, then I wrapped it in several layers of saran wrap and then several layers of foil. I then put it into a trash bag and put everything in the freezer. For the wedding cake I actually used 2 trash bags (it was a large 13 x 9 sheet cake). I let the cake thaw for 24 hours then I unwrapped it and gave it a few final touches including adding the border.
I believe this will be my method from now on.
Thanks again.
cakedujour 12/04/2012 12:29 PM
Glad you found a method that works for you. I am simply cautioning you to wrap your cakes VERY well before putting them in a trash bag. Trash bags are NOT food safe!
cakesdesign 12/04/2012 7:21 PM
Thanks. Yes, I do keep this in mind. I wrap the cake with several layers of saran wrap and foil.

mamajaejae 03/11/2014 2:28 PM

I know this is for a posting that you did in November 2012 but this has just come up in our family.

My daughter's father-in-law froze the top layer of her wedding cake. They took it out recently for their 1st anniversary and she said it was awful.
How long can you keep a wedding tier frozen? I have heard of so many that say they freeze it for their 1st anniversary.
Just wondering.
PattyDif 03/11/2014 3:16 PM
I have frozen a decorated cake a few times. Usually if it's a cake that I have leftovers and don't want to throw it away. I wrap it in several layers of saran wrap and then aluminum foil. I thaw in refrigerator. Works great. My daughter had the top tier of her wedding cake frozen. On her first anniversary, after she and her hubby thawed it out and had some, she gave me a slice. Tasted great and was very fresh! I guess it's all in how you wrap it for the freezer.
12yrwife 03/22/2014 12:17 PM
I froze my top layer wedding cake this way and it tasted just as good as the day of my wedding on my 1st wedding anniversary: I quick froze cake until hardened, then wrapped it several layers semi snug with saran wrap I think 4 layers, then wrapped in 2-3 layers of tin foil (heavy reynold's brand)Again tightly wrap. Froze in deep freeze for 1 year. Day before anniversary took out of freezer set on counter out of sun unwrapping foil from top and let cake still set on it and then loosened saran wrap without completely exposing cake and let set without moving for 24 hours. My mother-in-law made my cake and was surprised how moist and could not believe how fresh it tasted. Tip is do not use buttercream icing--use Crisco, 10X sugar, vanilla and water. Have not tried with buttercream but am finding out from others if it will work for a week freeze time.
sweetgrandma 03/24/2014 7:09 AM
I just saw this mamajaejae! I've not had good luck freezing buttercream decorated cakes. Granted I've only tried it a few times but to me they always have a "freezer" taste. Maybe I'm not wrapping them good enough since some people don't have a problem. I haven't heard back from my brides as to how the top layer of the cake tasted after being frozen a year so maybe they were ok.