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Topic: Fall wedding cake with fondant leaves and acorns!
susychpstk 10/08/2012 9:24 PM
Hello Everyone!

Here is a 4-tiered from this weekend, delivered from Western Massachusetts to Vermont (about an hour and a half away). The Hanora Winery is absolutely gorgeous and the staff were incredibly attentive and top-notch...just perfect! I'll include some pics of the venue as well as my cake because I was so in love with this place!

The cake was alternating vanilla/rasp cream filling and spice cake/pumpkin mousse filling, all covered with ivory vanilla buttercream.

Fondant leaves cut out with my Cricut and Make the Cut program, then dusted. The leaves weren't as bright as portrayed in the picture, they were a little more subdued than this.

Thanks for looking!

cakes06 10/08/2012 9:47 PM
Your cake is gorgeous, Susan. Absolutely perfect! Love that center fireplace at the venue. Very nice!
salsaman42 10/09/2012 4:31 AM
Awesome cake! Acorns fondant also?
krzykakes 10/09/2012 6:39 AM
great job I love the cake.
jabrotz 10/09/2012 6:52 AM
Just absolutely beautiful!! and perfect for the venue decorating....just love Fall weddings! Wonderful job.
preetscake 10/09/2012 7:05 AM
Pretty cake Susan! I made a similar one last year,always fun to make those leaves:-)
sweetgrandma 10/09/2012 7:11 AM
So pretty!!! Love your leaves!!
susychpstk 10/09/2012 7:23 AM
Thanks everyone! Scott- the acorns are fondant as well. So much fun to make!
susychpstk 10/09/2012 7:42 AM
I was going to add in my original post, that I wasn't too fond of the bride's request to offset all the tiers, so that the backs of them were all lined up to the edge, but it came out okay....not my favorite, especially considering the top tiers were so close in size, that it really didn't give much of an effect, I don't think.
scubabaker 10/09/2012 10:03 AM
Your cake is lovely...and a perfect fit for the beautiful venue. So well done.
emmer_d 10/09/2012 11:39 AM
cakedujour 10/09/2012 2:50 PM
Stunning cake!
auntpay 10/09/2012 5:11 PM
What a beautiful cake!
gmoakes01 10/09/2012 7:47 PM
Beautiful cake, lovely location.
susychpstk 10/09/2012 7:52 PM
Thank you girls!! You're so sweet!
mjsoldano 10/09/2012 9:41 PM
your cake is beautiful! the leaves look so real.
cycakes 10/09/2012 9:49 PM
susychpstk, what a lovely cake! I didn't even notice it was offcenter until I read your futher post, but I think it had a lovely look! I am glad you mentioned it wasn't your choice, as sometimes (like my MIL went to a wedding that I did the cake & she didn't like the design, but the bride loved it) people don't understand you are giving the client what they want.
susychpstk 10/09/2012 10:00 PM
Thank you mj! I was just online looking at other people's Fall fondant leaves and critiquing my own for not being as multi-shaded as I would have liked them to be in the photos. In real, I actually thought I dusted them a little too much, but on camera, they look like one blah color....ughh! I was going to airbrush them, and after looking at pictures tonight, I wish I had given them some more color.

Thank you cycakes! Haha! Your MIL sounds like my mom loves traditional white on white wedding cakes, so all the modern ones I've done, she'll say...."it's pretty.....but.......not really a wedding cake" LOL!
Teresa0401 10/10/2012 8:47 AM
Love it, love it, great job we do what the customers want. I like your leaves. I have the cricut too, but what do you mean by the Make the cut progam?

Smooth icing, great job!!!!
CollectorEJ 10/10/2012 9:12 PM
Cascading flowers or leaves is a favorite design of mine. You did a really great job.