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Topic: Four tier with "painted" stems and small flowers, gumpaste pink flowers
sweetgrandma 09/29/2012 7:11 PM
The picture the bride gave me had the stems and small flowers painted on. I decided to use bc with the embroidery method to make it look like watercolor. What do you think?

White Velvet Cake with strawberry filling in two tiers and raspberry in the other two. Love the Reluctant Bride topper!!

This was supposed to be an outdoor wedding but ended up in the hotel instead of the garden. A rainy day to deliver cakes!

Also made 24 cupcakes for the kids, 126 mini pecan pies for the guests to take home, and a pecan groom's pie. Oh yes..I also had a Red Velvet birthday cake and a lemon meringue pie! BUSY WEEK!!

I'm including pics of all but the big pies...I forgot to take a pic of them.
mjsoldano 09/29/2012 7:41 PM
i love the flowers and stems. they look like cosmos. very well done.
Dianee 09/29/2012 7:52 PM
Your cake is very pretty!! It must have been non-stop for you! What a week!
kmtmagoo 09/29/2012 7:55 PM

Beautiful Cake!!! Looks like you had a very busy week!
gmoakes01 09/29/2012 9:12 PM
Pretty cake with very cool flowers! That's a lot of small pies! Busy week!
lexysexy 09/29/2012 9:34 PM
Love the cake design, your flowers are beautiful
nonni53 09/29/2012 10:03 PM
I totally love this! The proportions are perfect and the "painted" stems just make the flowers pop even more. May I use this for inspiration?
ginnyl 09/29/2012 10:48 PM
Absolutely perfect..a beautiful creation..into my favorites it goes.
Konfections 09/29/2012 11:03 PM
This cake is a beauty sweetgrandma. I've never heard of White Velvet Cake, can you share? Thanks!
scubabaker 09/29/2012 11:38 PM
My goodness, you were busy. The cake turned out beautifully! Such a pretty flow of stems and flowers up the side of the cake.
salsaman42 09/30/2012 6:52 AM
Nice cake sweet gamndma! I had a tasting Thursday night, the bride brought a picture of that exact cake (not yours though) They didn't book me yet & I'm not sure that's the cake she wanted. Yours is a great comparison.
Chasey 09/30/2012 7:36 AM
My goodness you were busy! Love everything you made.
sweetgrandma 09/30/2012 7:46 AM
nonni....of course!!

Konfections...The recipe's in the "Recipes" section, but I did my own take on it because I like my cakes to be a little lighter. Here's my version:

2 Boxes DH White Classic Cake Mix
1 Cup Sugar
1 Cup cake flour
1/2 package cheesecake instant pudding
1/8 tsp salt
1 Cup milk
1 and 1/3 Cup water
6 eggs (can use just whites)
1/2 Cup melted butter
1/2 Cup canola oil
1 Cup sour cream
2 tsp. clear vanilla
2 tsp. almond flavoring
Mix about 2 min. and bake @ 350 for 20 min. Rotate pans and turn to 325 and bake til done.
susychpstk 09/30/2012 9:03 AM
I couldn't wait to see this cake after you speaking of it a few weeks ago and you certainly delivered! This is so dainty and just beautiful- love it! How did the painting of the leaves go! I wish I had braved it on my sunflower cake rather than using the airbrush.

Great job SGM!!
susychpstk 09/30/2012 9:05 AM
Oops! Forgot to add how you now have me craving pecan pie too! All your treats came out sooooo cute!
cakes06 09/30/2012 10:23 AM
That is sooooooooooo pretty! Love the flowers. You've been a busy lady. All of the rest looks wonderful too.
preetscake 09/30/2012 1:19 PM
SG....that is one beautiful cake!I like this style!
Konfections 09/30/2012 1:59 PM
Thank you sweetgrandma for the recipe, I'll definitely be trying this one, it sounds delicious! I always forget to check the recipe section so I'll have to start going there from time to time.
sweetgrandma 09/30/2012 3:43 PM
susy....painting with bc was pretty easy. I outlined the flowers with light pink bc using a #2 tip then did the
brush embroidery method to pull it in to the center. I used a darker pink mixed with lemon extract and a small brush. I didn't refrigerate the cake b/c I gave my extra fridge to my son and I didn't have room but it worked out ok. For the stems I used a #2 tip for the bigger ones and a smaller tip for the wispy vines. I used a fine small brush to make them feathery they would look more like watercolor.

That's funny about you craving pecan pie!! One of the mini pies fell to the floor so I had to eat it! I considered dropping a couple more!

Scott...I hope you get the order..this was a fun cake to make and I know yours would be gorgeous!
cakedujour 09/30/2012 6:08 PM
What a beautiful cake! Nothing but completely lovely! I want pecan pie too. These little pies make me want to jump right through the computer screen. You were seriously busy this week!