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Topic: Bulldog and jet grooms cakes
Rtull 09/25/2012 1:03 PM
These were fun to do. Bulldog is all cake, carved from 2 stacked 12x18 layers. The bottom of the jet, the wings and the tailpiece are foam core board. All covered with marshmallow fondant. TFL! Rhonda
ginnyl 09/25/2012 1:32 PM
WOW>>WOW>>> did some fabulous job on both of them, but that dog is to die for..
cakedujour 09/25/2012 2:56 PM
Very cool airplane. But I swear I can hear that dog barking!
sweetgrandma 09/25/2012 3:05 PM're AMAZING!!! I hate sculpting cakes but if mine looked like these I'd be thrilled!!
salsaman42 09/25/2012 3:25 PM
Wow! 2 great cakes!!!
Konfections 09/25/2012 4:04 PM
Those are really cute, love the bulldog, ha ha!
gmoakes01 09/25/2012 5:17 PM
Great cakes - the bulldog is AWESOME!
lexysexy 09/25/2012 6:09 PM
Omg those cakes are fabulous, great job. Love the dog
scubabaker 09/25/2012 6:52 PM
You did a wonderful job on both cakes! The detail on the bulldog's face is outstanding.
cakes06 09/25/2012 7:41 PM
Your cakes are amazing. Love them both.
mjsoldano 09/25/2012 9:04 PM
both cakes are really neat. you are very talented!
Rtull 09/26/2012 2:22 PM
Thank you all so much!!
chinasam 09/26/2012 3:47 PM
Nice cakes! The bulldog is awesome!
tlh 09/26/2012 3:59 PM
Both are awesome! Love the bulldog!
teeta_81 10/02/2012 1:30 PM
Absolutely amazing. I love the bulldog.
lmeade84 10/02/2012 2:39 PM
You did a fantastic job on both
Teresa0401 10/02/2012 3:47 PM
I can't get over that dog, great job excellent.