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Topic: Duncan Hines vs Betty Crocker
susychpstk 05/09/2012 2:52 PM
Hi All,

So after baking 24 layers of cake over the past two days, I wanted to report a finding. I usually use Duncan Hines cake mix in my WASC, and follow the original recipe from The Kakelady. I've been frustrated with the inconsistent results in the past, but found that it was partially my oven not being calibrated correctly, and it did make a world of difference after I calibrated it against an oven thermometer. But I was still finding these little crazy inconsistencies, and had no idea what the problem was.

Today, I purchased Betty Crocker to use because DH has gone through the roof at my local grocery store, and BC is what Walmart had plenty of. I was hesitant to use it, but this is the brand Kakeladi actually recommends for her WASC, so I thought, how bad could it be?

All my cakes turned out beautifully with BC!! Just for the heck of it, I had a few boxes of DH left and mixed the last batch up using DH (following the exact same recipe). I also at the same time baked a few layers of my BC WASC, so I had both brands in the oven at the same time, each in the same sized pans. My BC again came out perfectly, where my DH has a crunchy, sort of flaky layer on the top of each tier.

The crunchy layer reminds me of when it snows a nice fluffy soft snow, and then it freezing rains on top of it, leaving that crunch as you step, breaking that thin layer sort of jaggedly. Even when I stuck my toothpick through to test the cake, the toothpick didn't pierce cleanly through, it sort of broke jaggedly through the crunch (which is a very thin layer) and then was fine. It tastes yummy as heck, but it's so strange the way it behaves.
sweetgrandma 05/09/2012 4:29 PM
Interesting........I may have to give BC a try! Thanks!!
cakes06 05/09/2012 6:47 PM
I always use either Pillsbury or Betty Crocker. I'll use DH occasionally for lemon cake but the BC lemon is great too. I never have liked DH because it seems more fragile.
susychpstk 05/09/2012 7:52 PM
I agree Dana. I so wanted to be a Duncan Hines girl but BC baked up so nicely for me.

Definitely give BC a try SGM you'll love it!
diamondbaby24 05/09/2012 8:47 PM
I'll have to try it!!!! but is that if you dont Doctor it up correct?? i love DH for some reason but i'll try betty crocker can you tell the diffrence if i doctor it??? with 2 cups flour and more eggs i'll do a sample of it tonight and i'll let you know what is the diffrence smiles talk soon everyone!!!!!! have a nice time baking!!!!!!!!!!!!!
susychpstk 05/09/2012 8:58 PM
Diamond....I only do WASC recipes because I, as well as my customers LOVE the flavor and how moist the cakes are, so yes, this was with the doctored recipe I got that crunchy top layer with DH. Let me know how you make out!
Neanea9000 05/10/2012 7:43 PM
Do you think it has anything to do with Dunkin Hines having more ounces of mix compared to Betty Crocker? Dunkin Hines has 16.5 oz. and Betty Crocker has 15.25.
susychpstk 05/10/2012 8:26 PM
Could very well be Neanea! I thought the quantity looked smaller when I poured it out, but I didn't look at the label on the box. I know other's have no issues using DH for their WASC, but for me, at least in making all these 24 layers over the last two days, it seemed BC was more consistent with her results.
melanie223 05/10/2012 8:48 PM
I LOVE betty crocker...... duncan hines is to dry and pilsbury doesn't yeild that much cake batter.....
mjsoldano 05/10/2012 11:37 PM
it seems like i'm the only one who never has a problem with the duncan hines cake mixes. for the classic white i use 3 egg whites, 1 tablespoon of oil and 1 1/3 cups of water. when i want to make white almond cakes, i add 1 tablespoon of almond extract. it's perfect every time.

for everything else i use 3 eggs, 1 tablespoon of oil and 1 1/4 cups of water. again, no problems. i bake everything at 325 degrees and use bake even strips and a flower nail, if needed.
becamico 05/11/2012 10:51 AM
I don't either, mjs...I always use DH! I guess there are so many little variables that people are going to get different results.
krzykakes 05/11/2012 10:55 AM
Ive never had an issue with my all depends on how you bake it and some cakes come out better than others...I never doctor up my cakes unless its a butter cake then I'll add a few things to make it really good.
Chasey 05/11/2012 11:21 AM
Susan, that crunchy "ice over snow" layer you are getting sounds like the yummy crackly top you get on certain pound cakes. I don't get that on my DH WASC though, mine are sticky and I trim off the gummy part most of the time.

I only use 2/3 cup of sugar instead of a full cup. I always thought it was the sugar giving you that crackly top effect.

Just something that came to mind when I read your description. Maybe the lesser mix amount does matter when adding a full (?) cup of sugar?
bunnywoman 05/11/2012 9:14 PM
I have never had a problem with Duncan Hines.

The only problem I have now with them is that Duncan Hines claims that the reduced size will yield the same amount as the old box. AHEM....I beg to differ. You do NOT get the same yield. You get less and pay more for the box!!!

ARGH! Frosts my fruit loops!
becamico 05/11/2012 11:41 PM
cami5271 05/12/2012 9:20 AM funny that you posted this! I'm so PO'd about the HUGE price hike in DH, so decided to try BC...and LOVED the results. I've always been a huge advocate for DH and I still love their taste, but refuse to pay $1.50/box, when there's something comparable for $1, especially after I "doctor" them! I noticed that they look a bit different on top after baked....lighter, with slightly darker edges, but they were VERY moiste and delicious! I'm testing other BC flavors this weekend and if I like what I get, I'm switching!
riverchild 05/12/2012 12:03 PM
I really love BC cake mixes but started using DH when they reduced their sizes. I occasionally use BC. I only buy cake mixes when they're on sale. The normal price for DH is $1.50 and BC is $1.34. Duncan Hines has been on sale alot around here lately for $1 so I buy 30 or 40 at the time. I did find about 15 BC mixes in the old sizes the other day at Big Lots and snatched them up. I wish I could find more. They are just tastier than DH to me. I also doctor all my mixes.
cami5271 05/12/2012 12:40 PM
beanie...I know what you mean about the smaller sizes, but within the last 2 months, DH reduced their size too, and jacked up the cost to $1.50. BC in my area is only $1 and sometimes I can get them on sale for $.88, so then I buy them by the case
riverchild 05/12/2012 1:48 PM
cami.....I would be too. That is a really good price! Just the classic line went up in the DH brand. I still get the DH French Vanilla, Strawberry and the Dark Chocolate Fudge in the bigger sizes. I think all of the Signature line in DH stayed the same size. $1.50 is a bit much though!
cakes06 05/12/2012 3:53 PM
I just looked at the Pillsbury box and it still has 18.25 oz. so I don't know why some think it yields less batter, and they're .96/box here.