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Topic: How early can I make my cake?
AmyKate12 06/08/2011 10:55 AM
Good morning!
I hope someone can help me. I am making my first wedding cake for a wedding June 18. I have much to do for this wedding (maid of honor) and wanted to get a jump on making the cake early (this weekend - June 11/12) How early can I ice and fondant my cake without it turning to stone? Will the cake and/or fondant be too dry if I ice, fondant and pipe it 4 or 5 days early? It's a 4 tier cake with filling, buttercream and fondant that needs piping on it. I know I can bake and freeze the cake early but any other suggestions would be welcomed! Thanks in advance!
dkjq 06/08/2011 10:57 AM
Someone here wrote that you can ice and decorate on Thursday for a Saturday wedding. That's what I'm going to do. I'm doing my first wedding cake for this weekend.
sweetgrandma 06/08/2011 12:43 PM
For best results, unless you're planning to bake and freeze the layers, I would bake no sooner than Weds for a Saturday wedding, let cool, fill and crumbcoat. When the crumbcoat is dry you can finish decorating. It's best if the crumbcoated and filled cake sits overnight to let it settle. If you're using a perishable filling or perishable'll have to keep it in the fridge.
cakes06 06/08/2011 4:37 PM
I agree. If you're not going to freeze the layers, then bake on Wed. I'm one that freezes cake a week ahead of time and takes them out on Thurs to fill and crumbcoat, let thaw in the frig til Friday and then put on the final coat and decorate. I don't do fondant so the finished tiers go back into the frig. until Saturday delivery.
AmyKate12 06/09/2011 9:55 AM
Thank you to all who helped with my decision! I will wait until later in the week to work on the cake. My timing is horrible, with Wednesday, Thursday and Friday nights filled with activities, the two nights I really need to get the cake done! Cross your fingers for me
denetteb 06/09/2011 2:18 PM
I know you said you had made your decision, but it is really handy to get all those cakes baked, leveled and in the freezer. That is a huge step out of the way and clean up done. You can also make your buttercream (for the crumbcoat and piping) now and put it in the frig. Then all you have to do is defrost the cakes and let the buttercream come to room temp and do your crumbcoat, apply fondant and do the piping when your schedule gets crazy.
ginnyl 06/09/2011 4:34 PM
AmyKate12 06/09/2011 9:57 PM
Thank you Denette and Ginny! I will take your advice and make them both (cakes and buttercream) this weekend, when I actually have the time. Why couldn't this wedding occur when the kids were still in school?? ;)