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Topic: Stacking a fondant cake.
Teresa0401 03/17/2010 12:03 PM
I have a four tier fondant cake coming up. I have stack BC, but this will be my first with fondant. I usually stack at the bakery with the dowel going through the middle, and I cut my dowels/straw about an 1/4 inch shorter so I can level out a slight hole to set the next cake into. My question is do any of you do this using fondant? I like this method for the extra support it gives. I was just sitting here thinking if I used this method with fondant, I will have to level out my BC and dowels, then cover with the fondant to create the hole before adding the next layer. I know some of you stack on site, but that is not feasible for me. This cake will travel 30 miles away and for what I get for the cake I will not travel to the site. Most of my customers don't want to pay the extra $25.00 to $40 to delivery, But for this size cake I might insist on delivery or just add in the delivery. This cake will be a 14, 10, 8, 6 X 4. Do you think this is necassery to do creating the hole for the cakes to rest in? I just want my cakes to stay straight, no lean or fall. I have not invested in a locking system and really don't see that in the budget. How many of you use some type of locking system and how many still use dowel/straws to stack? I would really like to hear from those of you that don't set up on site, what problems do you have? Thanks for you help.
tortnaya 03/17/2010 9:12 PM
I've heard about that method before. It's sort of creating a "cradle" for the next tier to sit in. But I have never used taht method myself. I just cut my dowel right near the top of the iced cake tier, and then cut the rest of dowels same length as the first. I don't know if I would dare to let customers go with a 5 tier pre-stacked cake though. I only let them go with 3 tier pre-stacked and OC instructions on how to drive. So far so good. ;-) With fondant cakes I don't do anything different as far as dowels go than I do with BC cakes. So I think taht maybe you will need to carve out that pit in the cake before you apply fondant to the tier. Then insert your dowels taht will be flash with the pit, but lower tahn outer edges of the cake, since you like that method. And then proceed stacking your tiers like that. (When they make topsy-turvy cakes -- they cut out a hole in the lower tier for the top tier to nestle in. Then they apply fondant to the layer).
If I am wrong -- someone will correct me shortly. ;-) But I think it would work. Only I do squirt some BC on lower tiers on top of fondant in the spot where next tier will sit, so it's like glue. I pipe out a few lines.
Hope it helps.