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Topic: How do you ice a perfect square cake?
tortnaya 03/14/2010 11:27 AM
Hi, everyone!
I was hoping someone would be willing to share a successful step-by-step technique description on how to ice a square wedding cake.

It's one thing to ice a cake with corners, i.e. most of us make sheet b-day cakes all the time. But how do you ice a 4" tall square wedding cake layers with those sharp corners and NO top border whatsoever?
I understand that some decorators who have gotten this technique mastered also try to safeguard it. ;-) That's why I was just HOPING one would share. ;-) I can not be the only one hoping.
Well, if not -- I will just have to work on it myself until I get it. ;-)
But THANK YOU in advance!!!!!!!!!!! Cheers! ;-)

This is the cake I would love to be able to make and have it look like that. ;-)
cakes06 03/14/2010 12:58 PM
That's a great looking cake. The only thing I can suggest is to try using plastic scrapers. I've attached a pic of ones I use. Red ones came from Lowes. They have a beveled edge on one side but you use the sharp side. I frost the cakes with a spatula first and then smooth it out with these tools. You might give it a try.
bunnywoman 03/14/2010 1:33 PM
If you are a visual/audio learner I would highly suggest you get Sharon Zambito's "Perfecting the Art of Buttercream." You can check it out at In the DVD, Sharon shows you step by step how to get perfect, crisp corners in buttercream icing.
tortnaya 03/14/2010 1:46 PM
Thank you both so much! ;-) I do appreciate your help.
Been making cakes for a while, but certain things I still don't do that well.
I will check out the video and I think I need to get one of those scrapers and give it s shot. And I realize that like with anything in cakes -- it's a matter of getting lots of practice to get a hang of it. I will practice and keep you posted! ;-) THANK YOU!!!
Cheers! ;-)
cakesrnuts 03/14/2010 5:38 PM
Tortnaya, that cake looks like it's covered in fondant. Pink Cake Box ROCKS by the way!! I think they use a very stiff cake and make sure the edges are really sharp. The top layer looks marbled.
cakes06 03/14/2010 5:50 PM
I checked on that cake in their site and it is a buttercream frosted cake. Sure is smooth, isn't it?
cakesrnuts 03/14/2010 6:00 PM
Wow, that's insane! Well, I stand corrected. I have Sharon Zambito's buttercream video which teaches the sharp corner, but I haven't been able to do it perfectly yet. Great video!
mjsoldano 03/14/2010 9:19 PM
These are the tools I use to smooth cakes, along with The Art of Perfecting Buttercream DVD by Sharon Zambito.
The picture of the square cake was my first square cake ever.

chinasam 03/14/2010 9:25 PM
I just searched the DVD preview on YouTube and it gives you a clear idea of how to do this. Of course, having the DVD would be better...
cakes06 03/15/2010 1:20 AM
mjsoldano ~ That cake is absolutely gorgeous!
Chasey 03/15/2010 12:51 PM
Here is a quick pictorial that might help:
tortnaya 03/15/2010 7:36 PM
Hi, everybody!
You are all so wonderful! Thank you soooooo much! ;-)

I do have those plastic scrapers and a small angled spatula, Mjsoldano. And your first square cake is SO beautiful!! I hope mine will turn out like that.

I appreaciate you giving here that link, Chasey. Thank you! Yeap, there's no magic. Just steady hand and a sense of direction are required + good tools.

And so, by April 15th our corporate wants to see re-freshed wedding cake displays at every store. And guess what kind of dummy cake I have to make some time within the next month? ;-)
Yeap, you guessed it! ;-)
I have got to make it work! ;-) So thank you all for all your input! I will keep you posted with an actual dummy cake when it's done. But in the meantime check out the exact look I will have to duplicate. It's very pretty. Flowers are pre-made. I already have them sitting in a box at my work station.
Good luck to me! ;-)
Cheers! ;-)
cakes06 03/15/2010 8:08 PM
Good luck with that. That's a beautiful cake. Love the cherry blossoms.