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Topic: 3 tier cake for 40 people! What size pans should I use???
lisalovescupcakes 10/15/2009 7:16 AM

I need a little help...... The Bride wants a 3 tier cake for her wedding but for only 40 people! She wants a dummie cake (which I've never worked before) & she suggested to be the middle tier....... What size pans should I use for this? Is the dummie cake in the middle of the "stack" a good idea? Should I suggest to put it on the bottom? If so, what size pans should I use then?

Thank You!

PS: As I read in other chats, most of the people say one should charge the same for the dummie cake???
lisalovescupcakes 10/15/2009 7:43 AM
Oh! Very Important! She wants square cakes.......
lisalovescupcakes 10/15/2009 7:49 AM
I will be using 3" high pans
MARIE J 10/15/2009 1:12 PM
Take a look here, it might help with the sizes that you need

Usually, the cake dummies are on the bottom, but I'm sure someone who has more experience with this can help with that The decorating is what most of the charges are for in a wedding cake - your time & skills so yes, I would say to charge the same for a dummy as you do the the 'real' cake
cakes06 10/15/2009 3:55 PM
I think if it were me, I would do a 10,8 and 6, making the 8 the dummy cake. That would give you 50 servings not including the top tier which they can save for their anniversary. Also, I would charge the same as if the 8 was real cake, mainly because styrofoam isn't cheap and you still put the same amount of work into it.
Jeanne G 10/15/2009 4:42 PM
I would do as cakes06 suggests, but I would not use a dummy. It is going to cost the bride the same either way, why not have an extra cake tier to serve to out-of-town guests the next day or to freeze for another event or to take in to work? Wouldn't you rather have a cake in the freezer than a used styrofoam piece in the trash?
habsfan 10/16/2009 7:12 AM
Jeanne beat me to it...skip the dummy cake. I am making a four tier plus two back room sheets for a wedding. There are only 120-140 people. There will be a ton of leftover cake, but it never goes to waste.
I had 200 cupcakes plus a top tier at my wedding for 120 people....There were only a few leftovers and we ate them at breakfast the next morning!
Jeanne G 10/16/2009 10:53 AM
I really and truly wish that the self-appointed online wedding advisors would stop prepetuating the myth that a good way to save money is to use fake cakes. Ha!
ladycatisadiva 10/16/2009 11:19 AM
Yea, me too. Dummy cakes are for display only. If I ever was in need of a dummy cake, I would go to a bakery and ask to rent one of theirs. LOL!
MARIE J 10/18/2009 6:46 AM
I totally agree - I hate covering dummies !!! :l
farfalla 10/18/2009 10:06 AM
I'm with Jeanne G, it annoys me no end that these people who are advising brides on how to save money on their wedding cakes, don't have a clue about how costly it is to make the fake tiers!
bunnywoman 10/18/2009 11:34 AM
Allot of decorators charge the EXACT same amount for the dummy cakes as they do for the real cakes. WHY? Because decorating a dummy cake is NOT any less time consuming then if you decorated an actual cake. Why on Earth would you charge less for them? You would be giving away your precious time and effort. You would be giving away your supplies to cover these. Is that not worth something to you?

Opens up a whole new thinking on the subject now doesn't it?