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Topic: Tuba Shaped Cake
NaNaSusie 10/06/2009 4:58 PM
I'd like to make a tuba-shaped cake for my nephew. I've searched for a shaped pan with no luck. I can cut anything out of a sheet cake; I just need some directions on how to construct it. I even typed in "sousaphone" because all the search engines assumed I meant tubE and not tubA--still no luck.
Any ideas out there??????
cakedujour 10/06/2009 8:44 PM
Wow. What a goal! Have you considered making a tuba out of fondant or gumpaste (or a mix) and placing it on the cake? When my daughter was a music major and having her senior recital - a big deal in the life of a music major - I modeled a flute from fondant and placed it on a cake. I copied every little detail from the real flute to the fondant version. Every button and valve and lever was there. The flute was life sized, obviously the tuba wouldn't be, but you could still get a lot of lifelike detail that you probably couldn't with cake. Just a thought. Good luck to you!
bassettscreek 10/07/2009 10:15 AM
What a project .. horn player myself ^_^ Unless you have you heart set on a tuba shaped cake, like cakedejour's idea. You could make a tuba, with a stand, out of fondant or clay that would be awesome, and place it on the cake as the focal point. Think it would turn out very elegant. And maybe add some piping with the musical scale tip and some musical notes like 1/8s or 1/16ths.

Just a thought ^_^

Cake, would have loved to see your flute; know it was awesome.
Chasey 10/07/2009 12:53 PM
I picture two different kinds of tubas. The marching band generally uses a tuba that the player is "wearing" as in it cicles around the waist and the bell of the tuba comes out over his shoulder. Sousaphone!

A concert tuba is all upright and more blockish in shape and is generally played while seated.

If you were to do the sousaphone shape, can you imagine it on this layout of cake?

Here is the sousaphone that I had in mind for that shaped cake. (so easy to do and not much carving!)

Your skills would be in the outlining of the instrument on the surface.
Chasey 10/07/2009 12:55 PM
Uh oh, can't edit and I see my 1st link was wrong!~

Here is the cake shape I meant for the sousaphone:
MARIE J 10/07/2009 9:10 PM
If you type in 'tuba - instrument' it comes up with a lot of different oiptions. You would probably need to type in cake as well to see if anybody else has done one like it
cakedujour 10/07/2009 10:14 PM
I just remembered a cake I did a few months ago. It is a bass made from rice krispie treats and fondant. Not nearly as good as my flute was, but I don't have a picture of the flute. :-( At least it gives you an idea of how you could incorporate a fondant/gumpaste tuba onto another cake. BTW, the sheet music (also fondant) is the real music for Happy Birthday.'s%20bass%20cake.jpg
tortnaya 10/11/2009 11:54 AM
I can not even begin to imagine how hard it would be to make a tubashaped cake. I could never do that. But I thought that perhaps you could do something like that: imagine looking at a person playing a tuba from above. You would see the round of the head (can make hair with grass tip and BC), and you would see a funnel of the tuba above the head. Perhaps some of the shoulders and elbows sticking out past the edges of the funnel, and maybe a booted foot. The cake board can be made to look like wood floor. You could place a sheet music on "the floor", and have some black musical notes "flying out" of the tuba's funnel (basicaly placed or piped on the funnel part of the cake). This might be a bit easier to make than the whole tuba with all the little buttons.
Just an idea...