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Topic: Gum paste flowers on butter cream icing...can it be done?
debidoo 06/28/2009 9:26 PM
I am making a wedding cake ...the couple would like a chocolate buttercream icing, so it is edible...and for the flowers thay want gum paste fantasy flowers in white...question to those of you out there,

1. can I put the gum paste flowers on the cake with buttercream icing, or will the flowers break down?

2. can it be refrigerated overnight with the flowers on it once they are dry?

3. once the flowers are dry, can I paint inside the flowers with gel icing colours, or will the colours run?
peg 06/28/2009 9:34 PM
yes you can put gumpaste flowers on a buttercream cake.

As far as refrigerating, it depends on the length of time and the refrigerator. Give a couple of flowers a test run. I have placed them on my buttercream cakes and in the fridge overnight without problems.

Yes you can paint with gel colors but they will take awhile to dry. As long as you don't get them so wet that they have time to melt you should be ok.
debidoo 06/28/2009 9:48 PM
thanks, I've always done buttercream flowers, but don't think I can get them to look the way the bride wants them to. I'm making my flowers this weekend, let them dry and will put them on the cake next friday, they will be in the fridge overnight, till the wedding Sat. I'm just a little nervous, probably wouldn't be if I wasn't going to be at the wedding!! lol
MARIE J 06/29/2009 6:27 AM
Does the cake need to be refrigerated due to the filling?? 'cause you should be ok to leave it out on the counter for a day/overnight
debidoo 06/29/2009 8:35 AM
no, I assumed refridgeration would be better for butter cream (all shortening) but isn't required for filling.
debidoo 06/29/2009 8:37 AM
I'm delivering it to the hall the day before the wedding, just thought they might refrigerate it, but I can tell them it's not necessary!