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Topic: Intro & Marshmallow Fondant without a microwave?
tashistation 10/01/2008 9:41 AM
Anyone tried making MMF without a microwave? Any tips? I live in a tiny brooklyn apartment with nary a spare inch of available counter space (it's quite a scene come large cake making time!) so I've never had a microwave.

thanks so much, I love this forum! You guys are so talented and I look forward to learning more. I'm pretty new to this cake thing, I am getting a lot of practice by making cakes for friends but I would like to one day make money at it. I took a one week class at a culinary school in NYC but all we learned was piping, so I'm self-teaching myself more on a cake by cake basis.

I've attached a couple of recent cakes (one was for a bridal shower, the other a birthday cake for a friend who makes wooden bookmarks), thanks for looking and thanks in advance for MMF advice!

PastryPrincess13 10/01/2008 3:56 PM
Your cakes are for the mmf...maybe trying a double boiler method to melt the marshmallows.
Shannie13 10/01/2008 3:59 PM
you could just as easily melt them over a double broiler (a bowl or pot over top of some hot water) just make sure you are constantly stirring them so they don't melt too fast and burn. I also picked up a mat from the dollar store normally used for gluing crafts together instead of having to grease my counters. I bleached it down and works perfect on my kitchen table for kneading the fondant together. Just make sure when you are melting your marshmellows that you grease the bowl too, the melted marshmellows make a very sticky mess.
Best of luck
tashistation 10/02/2008 8:45 AM
thank you both for the suggestions! I will try the double boiler. I'd love to stop spending so much on satin ice which is what I've been using so far.
tashistation 11/17/2008 9:31 AM
I've been experimenting with MMF over a double boiler and I think it works fine. I mean, it melts the marshmallows well. But what happens after that is causing me some problems. When I am kneading my sugar in, I get to a point where the mass of dough seems close to store bought fondant but it is cracking when I push down on it. So then I add a few drops of water, and it gets sticky. And then I add a little more powdered sugar, and it cracks. I never get that really smooth, pliable mass like with the satin ice I buy.

Any ideas what I'm doing wrong? I add 2 tablespoons of water to the marshmallows at the beginning when I melt them. Then I add in almost a whole 2 lb bag of powdered sugar, saving about a cup and a half in case I need it.

mom.of.3.girls 11/18/2008 9:13 AM
If your mmf feels too dry, take about 2-3 tsp vegetable shortening and rub it into your hands. Then knead it into your fondant. It makes the fondant soft and pliable.

Also, if you don't have a mw, you can use marshmallow fluff instead. I found it much easier and cleaner than the melting method. Just mix flavoring (and color) into mm fluff, then mix in one cup of conf sugar at a time until a dough is formed. I do this by hand.