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Topic: How to get Powdered Sugar off of Colored Fondant?
susiedragonfly 09/28/2008 8:27 PM
I've just started using fondant, and when I roll out colored fondant, I find that the powdered sugar I put down to roll on- DOESN'T come off the cakeeeeeeee....... And if I roll out fondant without the powered sugar, the fondant sticks to my rolling (Wilton) mat.

How do you wonderful experienced fondant workers deal with this???

Using a brush, only brushes off the excess powdered sugar but not all of it. Leaves a dull look on my colored fondant!

Please, any advice much appreciated!
lugoshi 09/29/2008 9:24 AM
I ran into the same problem with my coloured fondant cakes. I haven't taken any classes and have learned on my own what works. I gently polish the cake with my hands and then I use a very lightly damp paper towel (one that doesn't leave a lot of lint) and gently pat the whole cake with it. You can check out the guitar hero cake I made that was totally black. Don't worry if it looks really glossy at first - it will dry and leave a nice porcelain look in an hour or so. I’ve also heard that cornstarch works better then icing sugar and I’m going to try it next time – doesn’t dry out the fondant as much.
danasflowers 09/30/2008 8:58 AM
Alcohol!!! That is the trick by the professionals!!! Clear alcohol like vodka For me, I have an air brush and I put the alcohol in my air brush and go to town. You could do the same thing by putting it in some sort of a fine mist sprayer. Like the spritzer from Pamered Chef, or a fine sprayer from a spray bottle.

Good luck!

Dana B
Wilton Instructor
CSparks318 10/03/2008 8:25 AM
When you roll out the fondant, grease your counter or mat and rolling pin with a very thin layer of shortening. The shortening will prevent the fondant from sticking and you won't have to deal with powdered sugar residue.

erikadee 10/03/2008 3:39 PM
those are all great tips, but i have never needed them. all i do is use the brush to get off as much as possible and then i just use my crisco-hands and rub the cake thoroughly to get the rest off. when that's done i use the fondant smoother to make it all smooth.
susiedragonfly 10/04/2008 12:23 PM
thanks so much for all your advice! Will definitely be trying all of them!