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Topic: Airbrush Fondant for color?
first_attempt 06/10/2008 9:07 AM
Have any of you done this? Airbrushed color onto the fondant?

My friend recently asked me to do her wedding cake since I'm offering it at the cheapest rate (I've only ever done one wedding cake, so I don't feel right charging more). Anyhow, her colors are dark blue and gold and I'll probably be doing a MMF cake. There is NO WAY I'm dying the fondant, so we'll either do white with color accents OR I'd love to airbrush it gold but I want to see if anyone has done this.


Is it safe to do over the WHOLE cake?
Does it dry?
Does it taste funny?
Anything I should know?
Anyone NOT recommend this?

Thanks so much!!
CupcakeCo 06/10/2008 3:30 PM
Unless you use the proper materials and equipment, airbrushing an entire fondant cake is a bit difficult due to the nature of the color: I have airbrushed several whole fondant-covered cakes and in my experience (or lack of which possibly attributed), airbrushed color goes on somewhat uneven and takes a few coats to achieve an even hue--leading myself to assume that airbrush work is best left for accents (shading, fading, etc.) In an answer to your question, though, It is safe to use (provided you are using an airbrush gun used ONLY for foodcoloring purposes), dries fine, and does not taste badly. The only undesirable effect may be when the cake is cut and it becomes apparent that the fondant was airbrushed instead of dyed.

I would reccomend instead, if you plan to make MMF, that the color is mixed in while the marshmallows are in the 'soupy' state. I have done this and have achieved deep, vibrant hues with ease (that did not taste badly!)-- no worries about kneading in color endlessly.

And in regards to color: there is no real 'gold' color straight out of the bottle-- I would reccomend a warm golden-yellow fondant finished with gold Luster Dust to amp up the gold-ness (sorry for the repetition, haha.)

Navy and gold sound like beautiful wedding colors-- best of luck with the cake and don't forget to post a pic when its done!

pinkziab 06/11/2008 8:27 AM
What a thing timing is... I recently graduated culinary school in pastry arts, and the colors we were given as part of our wedding cake theme project were Navy & gold (the fake wedding was supposed to have taken place at the Palace of Versaille in France). Here's a link to some pics of some of my classes cakes. Some good... some not so good lol... but maybe you'll get some ideas.

I agree that airbrushing the entire cake for color is not a great idea if you are not very experienced at it.
first_attempt 06/12/2008 8:39 AM
Thank you...its decided - no airbrushing.

Thanks, also, for the cake ideas. They really helped. Some people don't quite have that knack, but some were beautiful!

Thanks again!!
pinkziab 06/13/2008 8:42 AM
Yeah there were definitely some that just weren't into the cake decorating... but most of those people were more interested in being restaurant pastry chefs. There was a definite division in class among those of us who want to be cake designers and those who didn't. Good luck with your cake!
nu2cakes 06/16/2008 8:46 AM
pinkziab, Why were the Kitchen Aids covered with plastic (3rd photo). TIA
sweetstopcakes 07/06/2010 10:24 PM
i believe they were covered to keep the powdered sugar from invading every crevice possible. lol it is quite a messy task when mixing that much powdered sugar.