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Topic: Baking multiple cakes
winwin270 05/27/2008 4:21 PM
I am new at this and having a blast. I need some advice.

How do I bake multiple pans at the same time? I know I am supposed to keep the pans in the middle of the rack, so can I place one over the other on 2 separate racks? Or can I place both pans on the same rack? Also what is the maximum number of cake pans that can effectively be cooked at the same time?

Thank you for your advice.
Jeanne G 05/28/2008 7:57 AM
Your oven manual probably has advice on this topic, along with diagrams. If you can't find your manual it is very likely online at the manufacturer's site.

In general, pans need plenty of clearance all around them for air circulation. The size and shape of the pans determines how many you can place on a rack. No pan should touch the oven walls or door or another pan.

If you need to place pans on two racks, do not place them directly above each other. Stagger them for better air circulation (according to my oven manual). For example, place one toward the right back and the one below it toward the left front.

Ovens vary, and you'll have to experiment with what works best for you.

When my husband does his annual fruit cake baking we fill both racks with several loaf pans each. Half way through we re-arrange the pans. But this is heavy batter that bakes at a low temperature for a very long time, and nobody cares how much each cake domes! When I bake cakes to decorate I try very hard to avoid using two racks. I'd rather take the extra time and be sure the cakes bake evenly.
cakes06 05/28/2008 7:57 AM
I use the middle rack of my oven and bake up to 4 smaller cakes at a time i.e. two 10" and two 6" or a 10,8 and 6 or a 12" and two 6"; but I don't bake on a lower or upper rack at the same time ......just the middle one. Also, it works better to bake at 325 instead of 350 and if you're baking 6" cakes, they usualy get done sooner than the larger ones so you have to check them earlier.
peg 05/28/2008 7:57 AM
I will probably be flogged for saying this, but even before i had a convection oven i baked on all racks at the same time. I was taught that you shouldn't waste and its very wasteful not to fill the oven if you have to turn it on.

Some things to remember, you need to leave some space between pans and the oven, you don't want anything to be touching. Stagger the pans if possible, place the smaller pans to the front of the oven so that you can take them out first, and rotate if things are baking a bit unevenly.
winwin270 05/28/2008 4:46 PM
Thank you so much for your input. That is very helpful. I could have tried a few trial runs to test but I didn't want to waste product or time. You saved me both. Thanks again for your help.

Scott "PapaScoot" Venezia