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Topic: My Course 4 flowers
DeanneC 05/27/2012 7:02 PM
This was fun. I am sad there are no more classes to take.
DeanneC 05/30/2012 2:26 PM
I guess no one likes my flowers. :-(
cindyt 05/31/2012 2:31 AM
Nice job!
cindyt 05/31/2012 2:54 AM
Those are massive roses. What cutter did you use?
milola 06/01/2012 8:31 AM
This is the first time I have seen them. I think they are gorgeous and look very real. I don't think these class forums get clicked on very often. Put them in the general section as well and I guarantee you will get the clicks and the comments. They truly are beautiful!
Mimi89 06/01/2012 9:33 AM
Just saw this post! OH WOW! These are gorgeous! I will be taking course 4 in July and can't wait!
trybaking06 06/01/2012 9:41 AM
your flowers are beautiful.
DeanneC 06/01/2012 2:35 PM
I made the roses with the cutters in the gum paste cutter set, not the class 4 set. I am ready to try the orchid this weekend. I already made the centers but need to make the petals.
Mickeebabe 06/15/2012 9:54 PM
Your flowers are gorgeous.
Sarah Lee 06/22/2012 7:36 AM
Your flowers are Beautiful. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I really would like to take course 4, but I'm not impressed with the instructor in my area. She is very condesending and not very orgainzed.
I didn't sign up for these classes to learn how she bakes a turkey. :(
ponyjockey 06/22/2012 9:22 PM
Beautiful flowers! It sounds like you had a blast in the class!
CollectorEJ 07/13/2012 8:38 AM
Just saw your post -- your flowers are beautiful. I usually just look in wedding, recipes, general information, life celebrations and products. But am starting to look at some of these other forums because I'll be doing my nephew's wedding cake and his fiance wants calla lillies, orchids, and roses on her cake and they don't want to spend the money on real flowers and they know that I'll do them for free for them, it'll be my wedding present to them.
dietcokenoice 07/31/2012 9:46 AM
Your flowers are beautiful. I agree that people may not check these class sections regularly. I think you should put a post in the "general" section as someone else suggested. This way all can see, plus you'd be promoting the class. I think everyone would love to see what you made in class because you did a great job!!! Thanks for sharing your pics

I don't know if I'd take this class any time soon only because the instructor at my Michaels just talks about herself and doesn't do much teaching. Plus, I'd like her to get a few of these classes under her belt before I go.
cng 10/25/2012 12:54 AM
very nice
Woerd 12/02/2012 10:50 PM
OMG. I am brand new to the forum and the first thing I clicked on was these AMAZING flowers. I can't imagine ever being able to do them. I am as much of a newly as they come. I have never decorated a cake in my life but have been searching the web to try and get started. Can anyone recommend any books for the absolute beginner. Here's to dreaming that one day I could make those STUNNING flowers. They are absolutely BEAUTIFUL. WOW is all I can say!
Juana Jennifer 02/11/2013 4:28 AM
Your flowers is very gorgeous. They are beautiful and colorful looking too.
rowantree 03/27/2013 10:04 PM
I'm sad to hear about the not-so-good instructors! Please talk to your store manager about her, in a nice way, and try to get things improved. Instructors who have been doing it for a long time sometimes just need a little reminder of what they are supposed to be doing.
There are many of us out here (instructors) who aren't like that, and you can really learn! I love the Gum Paste Flowers and really enjoy teaching in my classes--no one goes away without making something beautiful!
prAna 03/28/2013 4:23 PM
did i miss the rose in course 4 or did you come up with that yourself? they look great. how did you make the rose?
Cakedecoratorboy 04/24/2014 7:18 PM
Great job. Love the spray arrangement of all the flowers together.