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Topic: student kit inquiry
Mich_Tal 10/01/2012 8:11 PM
26 piece set. Includes 60 page flower making instruction book. Essential cutters and accessories for cutting 14 varieties of beautiful gum paste flowers. 19 cutters-small and large calla lily, dogwood, small and large rose, small and medium daisy, large daisy/gerbera, narrow and wide lily, narrow and wide orchid, orchid throat, small and large calyx, hydrangea leaf, ivy leaf, small and large rose leaf, 4 ejectors-small, medium and large blossom, hydrangea 2 accessories-calla lily forming cone, ejector impression strip.

The book is good since it has step by step instructions t completel your flower project.

tmana 10/02/2012 9:40 AM
The Course 4 kit contains: the large and small (Gerbera) daisy cutters, pre-cut floral wire, green florist tape, stamens ("brown" lily -- really *gray*, yellow flower, pearl), small and medium blossom ejectors, impression mat (leaf, dogwood, wire flap, small and medium blossoms, gerbera center), sweet pea cutters, rose petal cutter, small calyx cutter, ivy leaf cutter, narrow and wide lily cutters, purple and thin pink shaping foams. The book is separate and may be included in the course costs.

The pieces in the Course 4 kit that are not included in the Beautiful Gum Paste Flowers kit are: the sweet pea cutters (set of 2), the rose petal cutter (see previous comments or Gum Paste Flowers book for alternate method using a five-petal cutters), the shaping foams, and the impression mat.
MeghanWMI 05/17/2013 9:25 AM
The books are given by the instructor on the first night of class, same as the other courses. The kits contains ALMOST everything you need for the class. In addition to the kit, you will need gumpaste (which you should have left over from course 3!), icing colors, needlenose pliers, color dust (deep pink, dark green, light green and yellow to be exact) and 4 in flower former cups. The kit contains a few cutters that CANNOT be purchased seperately unfortuantely. (The Briar Rose cutter stated on previous posts is a good example) But a lot of the other kit contents are just repeats of what you should already posses from previous courses! As an instructor myself, I see people come in with the full kit and individually purchased items. If someone is missing something, I have no problem letting them borrow mine! Just a thought! ;)