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Topic: coloring melts
athomewithmom 08/08/2012 8:54 PM
Is there a chart to show you how to get certain colors for the wilton melts? I live a ways away from a Michaels and my walmart only carries certain colors. I am doing 250 cake pops for a wedding and the colors are blush pink, ivory and grey. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. With the setup she is asking for they have to be stand up. I was going to do the bride and groom but won't work.
Thanks for any help
Kuchen Pops 08/24/2012 1:01 AM
If you take white melts and mix a few pink melts in then you can get a blush colour. Just add your pink in a chip at a time till you get the colour you want.
As for grey that's a little harder to get I made it once and used white with a couple black melts, but if you are doing a large batch you might not get the colour you want.
Check with your baking supply stores there is a chocolate colouring powder that you can buy that can be added to melts as well. However it's not cheap usually $5 bucks or more for a little bottle that will basically colour about a pound of melts.