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Topic: How much to charge for cake pops??
making29 05/23/2012 10:18 AM
Ok so I am known for my baked goods at work and now people are asking me to make them items to purchase. I have never sold anything let alone to collegues. How much should I charge for basic cake pops. When I say basic I mean a cake pop dipped in chocolate with some sprinkles, in a bag with a tie. I also make chocolate lollipops and need to know how much to charge for them. I don't want to over price them but I also don't want to do the work for a tiny fee. Help!!!!
bettycece 05/23/2012 12:26 PM
here in Rhode Island I know this one person that sells her chocolate pops for 1.25 and the cake pops for 2.00 ......I guess it all depends on where you are from?
PinkPiggy 06/05/2012 2:53 PM
Hi Making29! I sell cake pops for $2.25 each just as you have indicated in your question and I charge an additional 50-cents for bagging. Anything more is more $. Cake Pops are A LOT of work!

Our cake pops are NO comparison to the $1.50 pops that sell at the major coffee retailer. Those pops were made with preservatives and then shipped out on a truck to a location in the 50 continental states for however many days.

Note: All of my ingredients are organic--farm fresh eggs, KAF unbleached flour, organic milk etc.

I always tend to underestimate my first time doing something. After I calculate my time/hours spent in production, if you will---I find a good price.

Good luck with everything!
cakepoptstop 06/08/2012 7:45 PM
I charge anywhere from 25 - 45 a dozen , they are A LOT of work. Time is money and your not running a charity.

For a basic i would charge 35$ that should cover your cost and your labor and still be fair.

People have no idea how much work and dedication cake pops are. i can remember my first try , oh man i had pops floating in chocolate and they weighed a ton !