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Topic: cake pop help
sweettoothmaria 05/12/2012 10:12 AM
Hi! I'm new to cake decorating...i tried making my first cake pops from the leftover cake i made for my daughter's birthday. They turned out fine except that after i dipped them in the candy melts I noticed that oil seems to drip from some of the pops...
Kelly Girl 06/01/2012 4:28 PM
This happened to me the first time too.
I've realized that if you cook your cake with a bit less oil than is called for, this is less likely to happen.
But, since they were cake scraps, it was pretty unavoidable.
Hope this helps
Kuchen Pops 06/10/2012 5:51 PM
When using left over cake - or a cake that someone else made - I find that if you let it stand out in the open air for a day and then mix and roll it you won't have the oil problem as bad.

I do agree with Kelly Girl - I don't use near the amount of oil that most recipes call for. As a rule I will use only 2-4 tablespoons vs the 1/2 to 3/4 cup that some recipes call for.