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Topic: Cake pop class coming soon!
thin4life 04/09/2011 7:43 PM
Just found out Wilton is coming out with a cake pop class. Not sure when but should be soon!
Bake_N_Cake 04/13/2011 9:57 PM
They can't get their book straight on cake pops and want to do a class? How about putting the horse before the cart.
tildastreasures 04/21/2011 8:41 PM
ohhhhh ahhhhh when is this going to take place? anybody know?
Chewy Chunkies 04/22/2011 9:48 AM
Sweet! I was thinking about doing my own class but got caught up on the details such as.....
(assuming it was to take place at Michael's craft store)

How (if there is no refrigerator) do you let the cake pops set before dipping?

Would you just purchase multiple Wilton chocolate melting pots, and let the students use them instead of having them purchase their own?

Just some thoughts I had when planning my own cake pops class.... would love to hear what y'all think.
tildastreasures 04/22/2011 10:50 AM
maybe you instead of doing it at a store can do it at your home, or friends homes. run it like a mary k/pampered chef party. give discounts/supplies to the person holding the party.

this is how i would do it (giving it very little thought)
have a set number of people you can have (based on how many pots you have available.)
so if you have 3 pots say you can have no more than 6-9 people at the party(2-3 people per pot)
set a price for the class(make sure to cover costs and make some.)
have the students make the balls ahead of time so you dont have to wait on them to cool at the party(maybe make it a 2 day deal?)
give discounts/prizes to the party holder/guests for example
the person hosting will get X.00 off their next order or if you get people to host a party mentioning their name you will give a dollar ammount back to the host. this will get people spreading the word so they can get a few bucks back. i would set a limit like the class has to be made within 3 months after their class was held, you can only get 5.00 back whatever. dont make yourself go in the hole, but make it a goal for them to get you business.

hopefully that all make sense.

Chewy Chunkies 04/22/2011 12:49 PM
Good ideas! I thought you had to have a license to run it out of your home?
tildastreasures 04/22/2011 1:42 PM
Some states yes,some states no. BUT i think as long as your not "running a business" like if your not posting all over newspapers and such your looking for business that would require a licence, but if its just word of mouth i dont think it would. I could totally be wrong
cutedoggie 04/23/2011 1:03 AM
Use small crock pots instead of the Wilton melters. They are cheaper. I purchased a small one at Walgreens and the inside comes out to wash easily. I think it was like 11 bucks and has 3 heat settings - warm, and the traditional hi and lo of a crock pot.
tildastreasures 04/23/2011 6:19 PM
i was thinking if you dont need a lot you could use a large coffee cup and a cup/candle warmer. i think they are 5.00 ish here. those may work.
cutedoggie 04/23/2011 11:42 PM
My friend use the small pot pouri burners which look like mini crock pots. I have seen them at flea markets for a few bucks and they are non-stick. LOL

I guess we can get pretty crafty to save a buck.
thin4life 05/04/2011 8:51 PM
Cake pop classes at Michael's will start in June!
Cake Lady D 05/19/2011 1:43 AM
I am a Wilton Instructor at Michaels and the classes should start some time in July.
Bake_N_Cake 05/19/2011 2:52 AM
Is the class a one time project class or a 4 week class? Thanks!

How is the class structured to handle frozen cake balls? Do you bring them to class frozen?
Computermama 07/04/2011 12:16 PM
I'm taking this class starting this week. It's a project class, 2 sessions, for us they're a week apart. The first class they don't ask you to bring a lot, mostly the wilton pops book, sticks and 5-6 rice krispie treats, with various other household stuff like cloths, shortening, waxed paper. I just sent a message to my instructor to find out if the rice krispie treats should be storebought or if I can bring homemade ones.

The second class is a little more involved, it lists your homework between classes as making and dipping 12 or more pops. The second class asks you to bring disposable bags coupler and tips, a display stand, brushes, and various sprinkles (most are listed as optional) along with bowls for the sprinkles.

It does not list a melting pot among the necessities, but I'd imagine when I get into class it'll be listed as a recommended optional item.
jillvandeberg44 07/08/2011 4:55 PM
I'm a Wilton Method Instructor....& I will be teaching a Course in September. It's a 2 class lesson. 1 1/2 hours each.
TBCALE 07/09/2011 4:09 PM
WELCOME jillvandeberg44. Glad you have joined. I to am a WMI and was thinking about doing a pops class. Can you let me know what you think of the class after you do yours. I would really appreciate it. Thanks a bunch.
ladycatisadiva 07/13/2011 9:25 AM
mmmmm interesting....
cutedoggie 07/16/2011 2:47 PM
Any updates on the class? I am curious about how the class setting is going to handle the pops frozen and melted candy to cover the pops.

Computermama 08/03/2011 8:05 AM
We were expected to bring our pops pre dipped, and there was a microwave for melting candy melts if we wanted to. Most of us used icing to attach decorations or piping gel.
reese68 08/05/2011 11:54 AM
Is the Cake Pops class going to be offered at Micheals in Bloomington, Ill