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Topic: Lilly not drying
fieldofdaisys 06/21/2012 8:16 AM
Hi all I need some help I made the Lilly last night and when I went to take one out of the foil it was still soft and fell apart.
Can I put them in the fridge? or what can I do to make them dry faster? I have class tonight and no time to make more. Help!!
Spooky_789 06/22/2012 8:26 AM
You can put them in front of a fan, or in the oven with just the light on, but no heat, in a dehydrator. Is it very humid where you live right now? That will effect how long RI takes to dry. Even in good circumstances, it can take 24-48 hours for a lily to dry, you really have to work several days in advance when doing those flowers. I do not recommend putting them in the fridge.
fieldofdaisys 06/22/2012 1:17 PM
Thank you so much but I totally screwed up i first made them out of butter crem in stead of royal icing duuu so by the time i got to class they fell apart , but it was a good thing I made 20 roses and 40 violets and 10 rose buds so it turned out good anyway I think I'm going to take the first two classes over again so i can feel more confandent in my work. thank you again