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Topic: Storing frosted cake with fondant decorations
Lissaloo 08/02/2012 8:21 PM
I have a dilemma. I frosted a cake with buttercream frosting and made fondant flowers and a bee (which have been drying for several days) but I'm not sure how to store it. I'm afraid to leave the cake on the counter overnight (taking it to work tomorrow). Won't it go bad? I'm afraid if I refridgerate it with the flowers, the moisture will relax their shape. I'm also worried that if I refridgerate the cake and add the decorations last minute, they will break before I even get to the office. Help!
cake-angel 08/03/2012 1:10 PM
What type of filling did you use? If you used the wilton decorators icing recipe for both the filling and the icing you do not need to refridgerate. It will be fine at normal room temperature fo 3-5 days. If your filling is perishable then it would need refridgerated.