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Topic: Wilton fondant tastes bad?
QuebecGirl 07/06/2011 9:39 AM
Hello fellow cakers,

I will start my fondant class on the 18th so I am gathering all that I will need. I read reviews that the Wilton fondant tastes pretty bad, that it works ok for decorations but not to cover a whole cake that you expect people to eat afterwards.

Did anybody make their own fondant or are you using the Wilton one? what do you think, did you like it?

I bought the primary colors pack but I hesitate to get the while one.
hitzphillygirl 07/06/2011 10:06 AM
Course three was my first time working with fondant, but I actually don't think the fondant had much of a taste at all. It was pretty bland to me. The texture was a bit weird, if anything, compared to buttercream. However, the fondant was on my cake for a good 24 hours before I ate it. They say that the fondant will eventually pick up some of the flavor in your frosting, so perhaps that's why I couldn't really taste the fondant much at all.
Mikel79 07/06/2011 11:38 AM
Wilton sells flavoring that can be added to fondant. This will help with the taste.

cake-angel 07/06/2011 11:39 AM
Wilton Fondant isn't that bad. It really isn't flavored - just tastes sweet without vanilla or other flavorings. You can flavor it using oil based extracts like Wilton's candy flavorings or loranne oils. (You can use other extracts but you would need more of them and it would be a messy process. The oil based flavorings are much stronger and you really only need a few drops to flavor an entire batch so less mess)

I reccomend students work with the wilton fondant before they venture out to making their own as it is important to know what fondant should act like and feel like before trying to make your own.
shopgal247 07/09/2011 11:10 AM
Hi - I actually use the Duff fondant (Ace of Cakes). It tastes pretty good! It's kind of expensive - $19.99 for 2lbs at Michaels so I only buy it with a 40% or 50% off coupon. Great colors!
Idon'tBake 07/11/2011 1:17 PM
I used Duff too. I liked the taste but the only issue I had was the the white was more off white than the wilton white. However it takes color pretty well if i wanted it another color. Or they also have more selection of premade colors than wilton.
QuebecGirl 07/11/2011 1:20 PM
Thank you much for your advice, this will be helpful. I have 40 and 50% off coupons. I will take your advice and gain some experience before I venture to make my own.
Spooky_789 07/11/2011 5:57 PM
I have the 50% off coupon for JoAnne's that I'm going to take advantage of this week before my first class on Friday. I need to look to see what I have at home as I did buy some white fondant but didn't use it. Not sure how big the package was though.
mmumsie 07/11/2011 10:40 PM
Wilton fondant has improved immensely. It's really gets a bad review that is no longer warranted. It's easy to work with to especially for the beginner. Way to go Wilton.
QuebecGirl 07/19/2011 3:39 PM
I finally started my class last night and got to open my box of fondant.

Then came the taste test...

It turns out, the current fondant that Wilton sells is not delicious, but it is ok. I would not worry about serving it on a cake, especially if I have a good filling to compensate
sweetgrandma 07/20/2011 3:13 PM
mmumsie's so right! I bought some white Wilton fondant awhile back to make a bow and I was surprised at the difference in the taste. It's not bad at all now.
chris1971 07/24/2011 4:35 PM
It has changed a LOT over the last 10 years I've been teaching. I always tell my students to learn with Wilton, then they can try other brands. Wilton's fondant is much more forgiving and will not tear like Satin Ice. It's also more consistent than marshmallow fondant (I hate that stuff and can never get it to work) and it doesn't get dry and crumbly on the shelf like Duff's can (yes, I have seen it happen - brand new tub and it was completely dried out). Duff's fondant is made by Fondariffic, which takes a little getting used to. It's much softer than Wilton and it also will not set up like Wilton or Satin Ice. I avoid anything with Duff's name on it because I think he's just overpriced but that's a personal thing.
jldstl25 08/05/2011 8:30 AM
This is great advice!! Getting ready to start my class and just asked a similar question, thanks ladies for all the help you provide for so many newbies.
trecur 08/08/2011 7:31 AM
I agree totally with the other newbies, thanks for all your help

Which method is less brittle and tastes fairly decent when the decorations are made? I'd hate to spend a lot of time on something and have it break before it gets on the cake LOL

Is it too soon in our learning experience to expect things to work as we want?

Thanks again