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Topic: Great container for tools!
Grnymac 04/04/2011 10:23 PM
When I started the Wilton classes I purchased the tool kit (50 pc aqua/cream). I like it but it has so much stuff in it already from my 1st course, so was looking for something to put my fondant tools in and found a fantastic tool box at Walmart! It is lavender with a white top, has two compartments on the lid that hold my flower cutters and other small pieces, the inside tray fits the 9" roller/brushes/sticks, etc. and the bottom holds the gumpast and fondant and larger pieces perfectly! It was cheap and is great for organization! We travel 50 miles to our class so we need something we can grab and go without worrying about forgetting items. I know it's probably ridiculous to have two tool kits but better than misplacing pieces .
cutedoggie 04/05/2011 10:56 PM
Do you have a picture????
Grnymac 04/07/2011 11:40 AM
Here's the photos! I think it was $8 - a bargain for keeping everything organized and love the lavender!
cutedoggie 04/07/2011 12:18 PM
Thanks SO much!!!

Cool, what department did you find this in???? I have a little caddy for my gumpaste flowers to go with this kit.

But I am looking for another to go with my fondant stuff. The flower stuff is a little different as it has floral stuff and wire cutters.
Grnymac 04/07/2011 12:34 PM
You'll never guess where you can find a lavender tool box - the tool section!! Can't wait for black and decker to come out with a lavender line of power tools!!!
cutedoggie 04/07/2011 12:45 PM


This is the little container that I picked up at Target. There is a green and clear one for 7.99 and a black and clear one for 8.99. They black one is a fraction of a bit larger and FRACTION MEANS FRACTION. It is 9 L x 6 W x 7 H.

You can move the little compartments around if you live and each tray snaps together. It is too small to get one for the fondant stuff but perfect for the gumpaste flowers.

cutedoggie 04/07/2011 12:48 PM
OOPS it only attached one pic...........

Here are the rest!
cutedoggie 04/07/2011 12:52 PM
I will have to check this one out!!!! I have containers but it has no compartments so when I pull out one thing I have to repack it and that is a pain. Will this one hold these?????


Grnymac 04/07/2011 1:04 PM
I have the flower former that came with the course 2 kit - it is all together (3 dip areas) and it does not fit in this case. But if you have the ones shown - where they are individual holders then yes, they will fit! I like your kit too - looks perfect for colors and powders like you have done!
cutedoggie 04/07/2011 1:46 PM
Thanks much! The people in my class hated the wave type formers since they are so awkward and bought the individual ones. The old ones take up less space and you can use the ones you want instead of the whole thing.

I have to go by a Walmart tomorrow so I will check it out.

Thanks again!
suppastaaah 04/07/2011 5:53 PM
Cutedoggie, I love that case! What department did you find that in? I'm literally running out tonight to get one. Cannot. Wait.
cutedoggie 04/07/2011 7:12 PM
In the section where they have plastic containers/storage. I love mine!!!! The layers snap together and you can split up the little trays between 2 of the layers.

Target!!! The black one is so close in size that you have to read the dimensions to see the difference.

Let me know if you find it!
cutedoggie 04/07/2011 7:27 PM
@ Grynmac! I just picked one up at Walmart. There is actually a smaller one that is just like it but 5 bucks.

I bought the same size as yours and now it is stuffed. Thanks for bring it to our attention!!!!

I also have the same Wilton caddy as you. It sits right on top of the rolling file carts that look like milk crates. It is very handy for going to and from class or places with my cake toys. I bought mine at Office Depot and got the one with the lid!!!

Grnymac 04/07/2011 9:34 PM
Cutedoggie - I thought of a rollie cart but didn't think the storage caddy would fit! I'm getting one this weekend so it will be easier to get to class with all the things we need. And I recently found out that some of my friends have been getting together about once a month to decorate cakes so it will be perfect! Love this forum - feels like I've found a ton of new friends who like the same things I do - fantastic!
cutedoggie 04/07/2011 9:59 PM
Cool! It is around 22 bucks with the lid or top. I wanted the lid as you can use it to sit on if you are not too heavy. And, I put it at the back of my crate and put my books between it and the back of the crate so the books don't get bent or messed up!!

ALSO, when you get it look in the very bottom of the crate when it is opened up. There are two support bars that come out to go on the side of the crate to make it sturdier. There should be a one pager instruction sheet with the crate which shows you about the support bars. I attached a few pics to show you what one looks like. If you see my hand on that is the side where it goes on the fold.

My cake caddy sits on top of there once I lean the cart to roll. Bungee cords can be used to help with the cake caddy!!!!

I AM one of these that just has to have something to hold all my stuff but don't want something that is awkward or too big!

corky76 04/08/2011 9:42 AM
I just looked for the lavender tool box at walmart in such luck. It would be perfect as I also have the blue lidded carry case for all my regular cake decorating but it's too full for all my fondant and gumpaste materials. I know they make a cranberry coloured lid version of the same thing and it comes empty (vs the blue one) but I don't want/ need the tip tray. hope i find something eventually!
TaysTreats 04/10/2011 9:47 PM
I have this huge thing! the bottom 3 drawers are nothing but pans, and the top three are between decorating/designs, molds/cutters, and fondant/gumpaste stuff (paing brushes, rollers, stuff like that) I love it!!! and it all fits right into a little closet =)
Grnymac 04/10/2011 10:08 PM
Taystreats - I can see something like that in my future! Thanks for sharing the idea
cutedoggie 04/18/2011 1:36 AM
I found the same toolbox as the purple one at Target but it was black and yellow. There are 3 sizes of it. I think the attached pics are the small and medium size.
elenaboudreau 04/30/2011 6:44 AM
They now have them at the Walmarts in Nova Scotia in the tool section. Saw them last night. Gonna go back and buy one