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Topic: Rose Templates?
chriskm7 07/19/2010 2:52 PM
Does anyone know where I can print the rose templates for class tonight? Thanks
cutedoggie 07/19/2010 4:08 PM
Wilton wants you to buy the stickers. The flower templates used to be in the course books but is no longer supplied. I am not sure why!
jgh0331 07/19/2010 4:19 PM
I bought the flower sticker templates and I don't understand how they are helpful. I think it was a waste of money. The other course workbooks they had, had templates that you could cut out and practice. I don't know if the Practice Board has a template for the ribbon roses(which I think look better, much cleaner). I think they would be a lot easier to make than the traditional Wilton Rose. My advice...don't waste your money on the stickers....
MaryEllis 07/19/2010 6:46 PM
The class kits I got for basics and flowers both haqd about 6 templates in them

Vkandis 07/19/2010 10:07 PM
Don't know if there is a template for either rose. However I did a google search usinger terms wilton flower templates and easily found a pdf file that had the templates from the previous course books. Okay I am pretty sure they were, the file I found was in a thread started by someone wanting to get a new copy of the templates without having to buy the coursebooks again---(no mention of stickers). They look exactly like the stickers (no rose) so I am assuming they did not redo the templates. Anyway they are out there and pretty easy to find.