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Topic: Mocha Magic Cake
bossrose 01/22/2012 7:33 PM
If you plan to put inscriptions, say "Happy Birthday", how do you break the stripes?
cakedujour 01/22/2012 9:23 PM
Welcome to the forum, bossrose! You have stumbled into a section that is not often visited by most members. You would get much better response by posing this question in the General Information section. But before you do, I have to say that I don't really understand your question. What stripes are you talking about, and what do you mean by breaking them? Can you explain what you mean?
cakedujour 01/23/2012 5:37 PM
Ok, I did a google search to see the cake you refer to, and now I think I understand your question, and why you put the question in this forum.

If it were me, I would roll out a piece of fondant, cut it with a nice circle or oval to make a plaque and put my inscription on that. If you don't want to do it that way, another option would be to use the straight side of a basketweave tip and pipe a sort of banner that could hold your text.