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Topic: What channel is this TV show on?
emmer_d 03/15/2011 1:11 PM
Can you view episodes online?

Thanks, Emily
emmer_d 03/15/2011 1:18 PM
Nevermind...I found the answer.
cakedujour 03/15/2011 5:27 PM
And can you view them online? Others might want to know if this option is available. I think the show is hard to find in many areas.
fredostreats 03/15/2011 6:44 PM
Dujour you can view them on youtube but they are cut into segments
cakedujour 03/15/2011 8:13 PM
Thanks for letting everyone know Fredo. That would make the shows available to anyone who is interested in them.
Mikel79 04/12/2011 10:34 AM
Yep! Saw this on Youtube.

chefjonms 04/14/2011 3:21 PM
In southern NJ its on PBS channel NJN at 5:30 AM. I record it and watch it when I want to.