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Topic: Chocolate Orange Cake from Episode 705, "Chocolate: White or Dark"
New Dessert Maker 12/08/2010 1:00 AM
What kind of frosting do you use to mortar the three layers together, and how do you make it? The recipe listed doesn't say a word about it.
cakedujour 12/08/2010 4:48 PM
Is there a picture, or can you tell us where to locate the recipe you have? That would help us figure out an answer for you.

Welcome to the forum!
cakedujour 12/08/2010 4:57 PM
I did a little investigating and found the recipe page for the cake I believe you want. It seems to me that the icing recipe for this cake is this one found with the cake recipe. Here is the link:

I hope this helps you!