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Topic: The disaster that was my last cake!
helkat8 04/12/2010 3:37 PM
So I made this cake and it was a total disaster. I tried a new German chocolate cake recipe and a vanilla cake that I already love. I decided to make the cake down at my mom's house and NOTHING went right. I assumed her brand new ovens would cook perfectly, but I think her calibration must be off. The cakes just didn't cook and the consistency was completely different from what I have gotten before once they finally did cook after double the time. The German chocolate cake did turn out pretty good, but the vanilla cake just wasn't working for me. Then the buttercream wouldn't maintain the right consistency and my fondant kept cracking. Yikes. By the end I just didn't care and wanted the disaster to be over. I didn't even make a real box to put on top because I just couldn't deal with the cake anymore. In the end this horrible cake is what came out of it. I agreed to do a cake for my mom's charity in a few weeks, needless to say, I will be making the cake at MY house!
helkat8 04/12/2010 3:38 PM
sorry i posted this to the wrong forum.