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Topic: Trying to make icing colors
tdk4 02/13/2010 7:35 PM
I am trying to make a baby shower cake and it calls for sunset orange and olive green icing colors. I am not sure how to make or mix these colors any help would be appreciated.

peg 02/19/2010 7:17 AM
for what i would consider sunset orange i would add orange plus a little no taste red.

for the olive green. starting with leaf green i would add a little brown.

Start with a small amount of icing to play with the colors, so you don't waste it.
tdk4 02/19/2010 8:00 AM
Thanks for the suggestions I will try this weekend....good thing the cake isn't due for a couple of weeks
lilsista 02/20/2010 7:41 AM
I just saw your request, and this link may not help for your current project. Thought I'd send it in case you've never seen it. Good luck with your cake! Bet it'll be pretty!