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Topic: Bubbles in the cake help!
D_PARRISH 01/12/2010 4:30 PM
Why do I have bubbles in my cake? I didn't over mix the batter... :o(
MARIE J 01/13/2010 8:19 AM
Are they large bubbles ? What blade are you using in your mixer ? You need to use the flat one - paddle ? - anything else would incorporate too much air
Thisaldu 01/16/2010 11:13 AM
Use paddle attachment and after pouring batter into pans, DROP pan on hard surface several, several times and the air bubbles will come to the top. I use to watch my grandmother do this when I was small. It works! Also mix your batter at least 5 minutes on 2 1/2 speed. (Kitchenaid mixer)
MargieSDCA 02/05/2010 2:41 PM
I am having very serious problems with Duncan Hines cake, Butter, white etc. The butter came out 1 inch high in a 9X13 pan. Consistency was like a sponge cake . The white falls apart literally. Very delicious, but totally crumby. I have used these all my life, did they change the formula? Dates were not expired. Did exact mixing time with timer. Only thing I may have changed was spray pam bakers formula, but that should not do anything.