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Topic: 3D stand up bear cake...!!?!?! pls help
mcmurray20 12/05/2009 2:55 PM
Ok so please don't laugh.. but this is my 2nd cake...ever..LOL but i am SO determined!! I made my niece Kayliee a heart shaped ice cream cake with no instructions or help ( it was a box cake mix) but other than that i made it and i think it came out pretty darn neat ( that was last week) and everyone at the party was in awe! "wow thats so beautiful" i feel obligated to make my sons 1st bday party cake which i want to anyways because it felt really good to hear all those nice things cause i never cook or bake or anything im a newlywed (20 yrs old) and he is a chef so he does the cooking and i always get ragged on and made fun of cause i dont cook/bake sooo i want to PROVE MY SELF DARNIT! lol idea.....

a 3D stand up bear cake ...

question #1.. i havent got this in the mail yet.. will this fit nicely on a 8" round cake?
question #2 ..has anyone had problems getting the bear to stick/stay to the round cake? i don't want to work so hard on it for it to topple off! YIKES lol
question #3.. first i was thinking of just putting a bunch of sticky icing on the bottom of the bear i read something about royal icing on this wilton site and i hear that hardens like glue? BUT i was thinking of making this fondant stuff..hear thats pretty hard to make so cross ur fingers for so if i made fondant on the 8" cake how will i get the bear to stick/stay with out falling over..?? will this even work?

and LAST question.... im worried about when it comes down to eating the cake..

do u take the bear off the cake or what? i cant think of how to evenly cut it? lol

PLEASE any help with this id really appreciate and his bday is going to be the 16th so i need to get everything ordered that i will need.. also the tip #16 is out on this site.. and i dont feel confident enough to use the 3 star tip one i think thats 20 or somethn would any other tips work good for the texture of the bear??