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Topic: giant cupcake pan
komammy5 09/19/2009 4:57 PM
Hello all; I had purchased the large cupcake pan from QVC. They had all these beautiful decorated cupcakes. I have been looking for a cookbook or ideas on how to decorate them, but can not find anything. Is there something available. I hope so, because I don't have the imaginationn they had. Please help. I am really wanting to start using this pan.
Rosie H 09/20/2009 11:16 AM
do a google search for decorated cupcakes. You will get lots of ideas.
Rosie H 09/20/2009 11:19 AM
oops. Sorry, you have the giant pan. There are serveral posted on this site. Also there are ideas in the yearbooks, if you have any of them. I just did a google search for giant cupcake pan and then clicked on images at the top of the screen. There are loads of ideas there. Good luck. Don't forget to post your pictures.
gmoakes01 09/21/2009 10:02 PM
Check in the Life Celebrations forum - there's a long thread about the Giant Cupcake pan.