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Topic: New to the hobby and need some help
heartlandnewbie 09/16/2009 9:04 PM
Hi Im just getting started in cake decorating and I wanted to know if anybody could help me with a few questions. First off, what is the easiest way to shape a cake? I am making my grooms cake for my wedding and I am doing a dirt track racing theme. I dont want just a flat cake and dont wanna pay someone 1000 dollars to make something id probably would enjoy making. However im not sure how to shape the banked turns out of cake. I know i wanna go with two to three layers. Second, is there an edible glue available? I wanted to add non-edible decorations to the cake without having to worry about it falling off. If anyone can help, please feel free to email me @ Thanx again for yalls help! Charlie
lovegrace 09/17/2009 9:37 AM
If you repost your questions in the "general" forum, you will have a better chance of getting the answers you need.

This "bake, decorate, celebrate" forum is to discuss that tv show, and is not checked by as many people.