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Topic: How do I make fondant shiny?
pattycakex 08/20/2009 4:58 PM
Please - if you know how to make the fondant shiny after applying to the cake let me know.
I know one option is to give it color with powder dust, but is there any other way?
lovegrace 08/21/2009 10:53 AM
What I do is I rub a THIN coat of crisco on it. Rub it in really well, a little goes a long way.
lovegrace 08/21/2009 10:54 AM
Also, if you wanted to repost your question in the General forum, you would get a lot more response. This forum isn't checked very often.
pattycakex 08/21/2009 11:00 AM
Thank you! I'm new to this site. I will post it in the general forum.
And also thanks for the tip