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Topic: A Lil help Please :)
mickiee_dee 03/18/2009 5:42 PM
Hello everyone I am planning on making a Mario Bros cake this summer for my two boys, b-day. I have some ideas and have looked at many pics on the net. I have used fondant on a few cakes, and am comfortable using it. I want 2, similar cakes ( one for each boy to blow out the candles.) And maybe a few cupcakes surround, just for fun. Any and all ideas are welcome. I don't want to use the cake pan, rather I want to create a scene from the mario bros. game. I am kinda stuck on if I should fondant the all the cakes, or buttercream em' and use fondant decorations. Same thoughts on the cupcakes. Also if any one knows if I make decos outta the characters, do those need to be dried out like flowers do. Thank you so much, I wanna leave my mario loving boys in awww
tatti74 04/01/2009 2:11 PM
I have to make a cake for my niece in September and I have this image that she gave me. (Mario brothers cupcakes)

When I make my decorations with fondant, I usually don't leave it overnight to dry out, I make the decorations just few hrs before i assemble the cake. Hope it helps you