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Topic: flower info
usps 03/17/2009 8:51 AM
what is the glue used to hold the cake or decorations o the cake, also what is used to make flowers look like pocelain.
myna102 03/28/2009 11:56 AM
i'm new to this but i've made roses till they are coming out of my ears. from the video' s i've watched they use very little water, i've seen them use alcohol, but the ones they call it glue use gum tex mixed with water. from experience you use very little of any of them. or you can end up with a mushy, yucky, squishy flower that you just squeeze in into a ball like i did lol. i've seen them boil water and just wave the flower over it right after making but just quickly. and i know every one will say ewwwww but for the roses i've been just touching it to my tongue and it's just right lol. but i'm not selling them yet. about the pocelain i haven been able to get into many colors yet i have about 4 but oh my gosh seeing some of the flowers i've seen have a beautiful colors in shimmer so i know there is something out there they use.