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Topic: Inserting Wire in a Cake?
Mikel79 03/11/2009 7:11 PM
Good day All!

I am wanting to decorate my top layer tier cake with stars sticking out of it. What kind of wire do I use to attach the fondant stars to the cake? Or, is wire something I should not use? It is going to be a buttercream cake. Is there anything I should be made aware of before I do this. Are there any "tricks" I can use to make sure the wire is secure in the cake and will not droop over and fall? Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Thank You
mickiee_dee 03/20/2009 6:26 PM
I am can only answer that you can use florist wire. It's cheap, like a 1.00. I Just used some 2day with royal icing to make lil butterflys n flowers to pop outta a cake. I am not sure of the rules for inserting em or which cakes to use em on. I'm just gonna wing it