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Topic: bold lace cake
newbiedecorator 01/28/2009 8:34 AM
Nancy did a bold lace cake covered w/ white buttercream icing w/ chocolate buttercream "lace" piped on. On the show and on the cake pictured on the recipe, it looks like she did overlap the chocolate lace, but on the recipe for the cake it says "Make certain strings never touch or cross." Does anyone know or remember if Nancy actually did cross over? I could swear I thought I saw her make a few loops when she decorated on air.

Deb-D 04/26/2009 5:03 PM
The episode was #607 bold lace.
The lace she showed is called sotas. Randomly pipe curls,V's and C's so that they touch.
The other lace is called cornelli lace and you try your best to make sure and never touch or cross your line.
In the back of the Wilton Yearbooks there is a section that list a lot of techniques that help me.
myna102 06/09/2009 1:07 PM
Hi all, i also do henna, and many of the designs are like those done on cakes, you might want to visit the henna tribe, and the henna page they have a download for alot of the basic designs.