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Topic: Icing a Cake...
Mikel79 01/02/2009 1:37 PM
I am having the worst time trying to ice a cake. Can anyone please provide some TIPS on icing a cake? I use the parchment paper method to smooth the cake once crusted. However, just applying the icing I have a problem with. How much should you use for the sides and top, should you start with the sides or top. Any help/tips would be appreciated.

Thank You,
darstus 01/04/2009 3:54 PM
Michael, make sure your icing is not too thick. You need to use a thin consistency to ice your cake. Be sure to put an adequate amount of icing on your cake. I like to use tip 789 (Icer tip) because I feel it puts just the right amount on usually. I ice the top first usually then the sides. Using the icer tip I cover it all first. Also use a pushing movement to push the icing forward and don't lift your spatula off the cake. Slide it off the edge. This will prevent pulling up the icing as well as crumbs. If you do get the icer tip, you will need to get a piping bag and cut it for that tip only. I use a 16 inch bag. Hope this helps!!
maggegal 02/01/2009 8:33 PM
I take a little of my frosting and thin it withwater then evenly ice the cake.Let it dry and the cake can be iced with no crumbs. I ice sides with a side icer then the top then smooth wi the flat side of an icing scraper. Once it is dry to the touch you can take a paper towel and smooth the cake out. Make sure your towel has no design on it. I think Viva makes one that has non.