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Topic: Can I freeze frosted cupcakes?
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Kris Karpf 02/12/2009 4:24 PM
Hello my friend wants me to make cupcakes for her wedding so of course it has to be like 200 cupcakes I need to make. I want to frost them with buttercream frosting and use fondant as a decoration on them. Can I freeze them after they are decorated? If so how long do they stay good for in the freezer? Thank you.
beckthewreck 02/13/2009 3:46 PM
Technically you can after they are frosted. That's what grocery stores do. However, I wouldn't do it with the fondant accent on them. If it just has the buttercream, then yes.
That is a LOT of cupcakes to keep in a freezer though. Hope you have a ton of space.
karen 02/13/2009 3:46 PM
You can freeze them with the buttercream frosting - but not the fondant. You aren't supposed to refrigerate fondant, so I guessing freezing is out too. Put the fondant on after defrosting. If properly wrapped, they should last at least a few weeks in the freezer.
mmumsie 02/13/2009 3:48 PM
You can freeze buttercream cupcake for a short time. I would refrigerate if possible. Cupcakes are so small the cake will dry out from the freezer.

Fondant is another story. Fondant decorations don't take kindly to moisture. So unless you can quickly top with fondant decorations on after the cupcakes have THAWED, I wouldn't recommend it. Even the sweating action of the thawing could ruin all your hard work. Best to get a team to help assemble the day before. Good luck!
Jeanne G 10/15/2009 2:14 PM
Ginger9708 10/15/2009 3:08 PM
I bought a cupcake from a very good bakery near us the other day and they didnt have chocolate cake so the girl who worked the counter got some from the back. When i got home it seemed they froze the cupcake because the frosting was hard & ice cold. Later on when i ate it the cake was very dried out, obvious the cupcake was not the freshest. I didnt think they would do something like that.
KTB 10/15/2009 3:49 PM
Thanks Jeanne! I swear I searched, I really did How do you know where all these topics are? You are my hero!
Recoil 10/15/2009 4:12 PM
You know, I was searching the other day for the exact same thing, different terms, etc. But I found nothing.

Jeanne G 10/22/2009 10:48 AM