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Discussion Forum Terms of Use 5:13 AM

Whether this is your first time on-line or you're a seasoned Internet user, we require respect and good manners from everyone when participating in our Discussion Forum. Review our Terms of Use, use common sense, and you'll feel right at home.

The community on was created to provide a place where people committed to living their best lives, personal growth and generating positive, thoughtful dialogue can find one another for support, comfort and shared experiences. While we invite healthy debate, is not intended as a forum for personal attacks and destructive postings.

All users are required to adhere to these Terms of Use. If we become aware that a user has violated the Terms of Use or other posted policies, that user's account may be immediately and permanently suspended, without warning or other notice.


To post messages on the Wilton Discussion Forum, you must register as a member. When you register, you must choose a unique user name and you must provide a unique and valid email address. Duplicate user names and email addresses are not allowed, so if the name or address you enter is already in use, you will be prompted to choose another one. To prevent any member from using another’s username, each member’s account is password protected with email verification.

Post at Your Own Risk

You participate at your own risk in the Discussion Forum. You take responsibility for postings under your identification and use the information you provide at your own risk. takes no responsibility for the content or opinions posted.

Removal of Posts

We reserve the right to remove or edit any postings in our sole discretion, including those that are off the subject, not in English, or in violation of these terms of use. Recipes and decorating ideas posted on the Discussion Forum are not tested or qualified by Wilton.

Abide by Our Rules

By posting to any portion of, you agree to abide by's Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy. Use common sense and have a wonderful time at

No Obscene or Hateful Language

We live by words online, so we don't allow obscene, profane, racist or sexually explicit language. You may not harass, defame or threaten another person. We do not allow posts that defame or insult anyone, and notes that are abusive or hateful. All postings must reflect your genuinely held beliefs and may not be false or misleading.

No Solicitations or Advertisements

You may not post any content for commercial purposes. This includes, but is not limited to, advertisements for your business and solicitations for a charity. Unfortunately, it is impossible to verify the validity of each and every organization that solicits donations; therefore, in an effort to protect users from fraud, we must prohibit solicitations for charities.

Posting of Images

Attached images must be less than 150k in size and can’t contain photos of children or be offensive in nature.

No Illegal Activity

You may not suggest or encourage illegal or violent activity. will assist law enforcement officials to stop and/or prevent all such activity of which it becomes aware.

English Language Only

All posts must be submitted in the English language.

All Materials Must Be Copyrighted

You must have copyright ownership of all material that you post on our Discussion Forum. No articles, recipes, song lyrics, art or graphics may be posted unless you are the exclusive license holder with the right to post on this site or you are copyright holder. By posting such information, you represent and warrant that you are the exclusive license holder with the express right to post the information on this site or are the exclusive license holder.

No Personal Information

For your safety and privacy, please do not post personal information such as phone numbers, addresses, social security numbers, last names or any other private information.

Age Requirement

Online safety is of utmost importance at For this reason, you must be 16 years old or older to participate. Any posts from someone who is under that age will be removed. If you are under the age of 18, you should obtain parental consent before participating in any Discussion Forum.

Post a Message Only Once

Please only post the same note once and don’t post it in more than one category.

Archiving and Read Only Discussions reserves the right to archive or make any discussion "Read Only" at any time at its sole and exclusive discretion, including, without limitation, any postings or discussions that are disruptive in nature or are in contravention of any posted policies.

Report a Violation

To report an abuse of the Discussion Forum Terms of Use, click on the ‘Report Violation’ link next to the post in question. Any post that is reported in violation of the terms of use will be removed from the forum until its compliance is reviewed by a Wilton representative.

Technical Problems

If you are you having technical problems using or a tool on our site, e-mail us at

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