Engineering a Great Birthday! Cake Zoom

Engineering a Great Birthday! Cake

Take a one-of-a-kind ride. Engineer Mickey?a candy plaque formed in our Disney Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Pan?drives a train engine created from cakes, cookies and piped icing.
Makes: Cakes serve 63; each cupcake and cookie serves 1.
Skill Level: Somewhat Difficult

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Step 1

In advance: Make Mickey candy plaque. Tint 14 oz. Dark Cocoa Candy Melts black. Tint 21 oz. Mickey face color using orange candy color. Tint 3 oz. red. Reserve 4 oz. white. Pipe details into pan using melted candy in cut parchment bags. Pipe tongue; chill until firm. Pipe pupils, nose and mouth; chill. Pipe whites of eyes; chill. Fill face area; tap to settle, chill until firm. Fill with remaining black candy. Tap to settle; chill until firm. Unmold. Position on cut-to-fit, foil-wrapped Cake Board.

Step 2

Also in advance: Make cookies. Prepare and roll out dough. Use pattern to cut smoke. Use Cake Circles as a guide to cut one 8 in. and two 6 in. circles for wheels. Use medium Cut-Out to cut 11 rounds for axles and lug nuts. Cut 2 strips, 1 x 13 in., for roof trim. Cut 1/2 x 8 in. strip for connecting rod.

Bake and cool cookies. Ice cookies by pouring on color flow icing. For large wheel, use largest Cut-Out to mark center circle; outline with tip 3, fill in and let set before covering outer area. Cover wheels, axles, lug nuts and 8 in. connecting rod with thinned icing. Cover cloud with full-strength icing. Let all dry overnight on waxed paper-covered boards. Use full-strength icing and tip 6 to pipe smoke outline and message. Let dry.

Step 3

Finally in advance: Prepare double-layer base board. Use cake pans as a guide. Sheet cake is positioned vertically for cab; square cake becomes front of engine. Wheels extend 8 in. beyond bottom; cloud extends 6 in. above roof; cowcatcher extends 5 in. in front. Cut 2 foamcore boards to fit, tape together and wrap with foil.

Step 4

Bake and cool Wonder Mold cake (use firm textured batter, such as pound cake), 1-layer square and sheet cakes, and 13 cupcakes.

Step 5

Position and decorate cakes. Position square and sheet cakes on prepared board. Cut Wonder Mold cake in half vertically; position 1 piece for smoke stack. Cut other piece in half and trim bottom for 5 in. high section; attach for cowcatcher. Remove baking cup and trim 1 cupcake to 1 1/2 in. high for flat back; attach for light. Use toothpick to mark 9 1/2 in. square window (begin 2 in. from top edge). Ice smooth window area and top of smoke stack. On 10 in. square, use toothpicks to mark 2 x 7 1/2 in. vertical blue stripe (2 1/2 in. from front edge), 2 x 6 in. horizontal dark green stripe, 1/2 in. wide stripes on cowcatcher. Outline window with tip 5.

Step 6

Cover cakes with tip 18 stars; overpipe engine stripes for dimension. Position roof trim cookie; cover with tip 18 stars. Pipe tip 18 zigzags on edge of cowcatcher and smoke stack. Spatula ice cupcake supports. Position 5 under smoke, 3 under large wheel, 2 for each small wheel. Position smoke and wheel cookies. Attach connecting rod, axles and lug nuts with full-strength color flow. Insert dowel rods to support candy plaque. Position candy plaque. Pipe tip 12 shirt.

* Combine Golden Yellow with Lemon Yellow for yellow cab shown.
* Combine Leaf Green with Lemon Yellow for green shades shown.
* Combine Royal Blue with a little Black for blue shades shown.

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In Stock (ships in 1-2 business days)

Leaf Green Icing Color

Lemon Yellow Icing Color

Golden Yellow Icing Color

Royal Blue Icing Color

Red-Red Icing Color

Red (no-taste) Icing Color

Black Icing Color

2 pks. White Candy Melts® Candy

Black Candy Melts® Candy




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Expected ship date: 06/04/16

Wooden Dowel Rods ((four 2 in. lengths))


12 x 18 x 2 in. Sheet Pan

10 x 2 in. Square Pan

Cookie Sheet

Cooling Grid

6 in. Cake Circle

8 in. Cake Circle

Cake Boards

Fanci-Foil Wrap

(2) 24 x 36 in. foamcore boards ((1/4 in. thick))



Waxed paper



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