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decorator & cake icing

Discover everything you need to know about cake icing or decorator icing for cupcakes and cookies. Create impressive and delicious desserts with simple tips and techniques, from choosing the right type of icing and consistency to the art of decorating and more.

decorator icing consistency

Choose the right consistency for cake icing

Learn which consistencies work for which decorating techniques, plus easy ways to adjust consistency.

decorator icing recipes

Get delicious recipes for decorator icing

Wilton kitchen-tested recipes for cookies, cupcakes and cake icing were formulated to yield the best decorating results.

decorating & icing cakes

Simple tips for decorating icing

See the tricks of the trade for decorating icing for an immaculate, crumb-free surface every time.

types of decorator icing

Choose from different types of cake icing

You can definitely make a unique statement with your desserts just by choosing different cookie, cupcake or cake icing.

coloring and decorating icing

Learn to color decorator icing

Coloring and decorating icing to create the desired effect on your work of art is an essential skill for cake decorators at any level.