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Using Couplers

A two-part device called a coupler lets you change decorating tips without changing the bag. The two parts of the coupler are the base and the ring.


Step 1

Remove ring from coupler base. Drop the coupler base, narrow end first, into the bag and push it down as far as you can.

For Featherweight Bags: Using a pen or pencil, mark the spot on the outside where the bottom screw thread (closest to tip) is outlined against the bag material.

For Disposable Bags: Mark a spot on the outside that is 1/4 inch BELOW the bottom screw thread.

Step 2

Push the coupler base up into the bag so that you can cut an opening at the mark.

Step 3

Push the coupler base down through the opening. One thread should be showing. Place a decorating tip over the part of the base extending from the bag.

Step 4

Put the ring over the tip and twist it on, locking the tip in place.