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baking cupcakes

Discover the secrets to baking the perfect cupcakes, such as baking to a perfect height and color. Follow our kitchen-tested cupcake baking tips and your cupcakes will be easy, fun and beautiful!

preparing the cupcake batter

Preparing batter for baking cupcakes

Proper measuring of ingredients is a key to baking cupcakes perfectly—especially when you’re making them from scratch recipes.

cupcake batter amounts and sizes

Batter amounts and sizes for baking cupcakes

One of the best cupcake baking tips for serving a perfect cupcake is to prepare from the bottom up. Make sure you have the proper batter amount, baking temperature and time for the specialty cupcake pan size you are using.

adding mix-ins to batter

Cupcake baking tips for adding flavors & textures

Perk up your cupcakes by adding in fun flavors and textures to your batter!

filling the cupcake

Techniques for filling cupcakes

You can really have fun with flavor when you follow these tips for baking cupcakes by adding a tasty icing, filling, or jam to your specialty cupcakes.

surprise center treats

Baking your best cupcakes

It's taste times two! Cookies, candy and even mini pies are perfect mates for cupcakes. Whether you add a store-bought goodie or make your own petite treats everyone will love these delicious duos.

preparing the pan

Cupcake baking tips for preparing your pan

There are some easy ways to bake cupcakes, all of which will help you turn out fluffy, crumb-free cakes perfect for icing and decorating.

filling the specialty cupcake pan

Tips for baking cupcakes and filling the pan

The best way we've found to add the batter is to squeeze it into the cup using a decorating bag. Other good cupcake baking tips for filling - use an ice cream scoop, a large spoon or a measuring cup.

baking your best cupcakes

Baking your best cupcakes

Know your oven! Inaccurate oven temperatures account for the majority of baking problems.

color effects

Techniques for filling cupcakes

Have fun with your cupcake batter! Look at the cool patterns you can bake just by piping different color batters in the baking cup using a cut disposable bag.

putting cake shapes inside of a cupcake

Baking your best cupcakes

How do you get a bear inside a cupcake? It's easy! Cut shapes from a sheet cake using cookie cutters and add the cake shape to your baking cup along with your cupcake batter in a different color.