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Transporting Holiday Cookies

Carry cookies with care! If you're attending a cookie exchange or transporting your holiday cookies for some other occasion, we have a few easy steps you can take to make sure your beautifully-decorated cookies arrive looking their best. We'll tell you how to pack and protect even the most delicate decorated cookies.

Helpful Transportation Tips:

  • Bake cookies 2 days before exchange.
  • Always cool before packing to prevent sticking.
  • Line cardboard containers with foil or plastic wrap to keep cookies fresh.
  • Place sheets of parchment between layers of cookies, especially those which are iced or decorated with royal icing. Cookies iced with buttercream don't stack well.
  • Pack delicate and decorated cookies in shallow containers; the fewer layers, the better.
  • Wrap cookies singly or in pairs and group wrapped cookies in a pretty box, bag or basket.