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7 Steps to Hosting A Sweet Swap or Cookie Exchange

Holiday Cookie Exchange

Wilton will help you bring excitement and fun to your cookie exchange as no one does holiday cookies like Wilton. With the right plan in place, they’ll leave the cookie exchange with many great memories, several new friends and the spirit of the season in their hearts.

The following are tips taken from our new Wilton Cookie Exchange book that help you plan it all. Just as with your holiday cookies, proper preparation and the right ingredients will help to make your cookie exchange celebration a holiday sensation!

Plan Ahead and Set the Tone

Remember that a cookie exchange is also a party. It requires the same preparation and planning as any holiday celebration—with fun foods, festive decorations and good company. Wilton's cookie exchange timeline is a good place to start.

Set a Convenient Time and a Festive Theme

Pick a date for the cookie exchange in early December and dream up a theme for the party in order to coordinate invitations, centerpieces and decorations.

Send Enticing, Informative Invitations

Merry invitations will get your guests as excited about attending the cookie exchange as you are about hosting it!

Present your Holiday Cookies with Pride

Encourage guests to bring their amazing cookies in pretty packages. Pretty presentation is also practical for your guests. It’s a great way to speed up the swapping phase of the cookie exchange. Pre-packaging also ensures that cookies retain their shape and taste.

Deck the Halls—and Your Cookie Exchange Table!

Your baking buddies are much more likely to get in the spirit of the cookie exchange if you set the scene with all kinds of dazzling decorations. Ideally, you will need to set up three different tables: one for serving refreshments, one for exchanging cookies and one for decorating cookies. Arrange the cookie-swap table so that all offerings can be seen and reached from at least two sides.

Serve Fun Snacks

Don’t knock yourself out cooking entrees and mixing beverages—after all, this is a day devoted to sharing cookies and camaraderie. Opt for simple spreads, such as coffee and cake or cocktails and canapés, or pull together an easily assembled buffet.

Say Thanks for Sharing

Present your cookie exchange guests with a cookie-making memento that’s fun and functional. Cookie-themed gift guests can take home with their treats will always remind them of the wonderful time they shared at your cookie exchange.