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Cookie Exchange Week 2011

There's no better way to kick-off your holiday festivities than with a Cookie Exchange and that is why December 4th through December 10th has been designated Cookie Exchange Week. Holidays are prime time for cookies, with gingerbread, spritz, thumbprints and so many others flying off the plate as soon as they appear and a holiday cookie exchange during Cookie Exchange Week is the perfect way to bring back those childhood memories and pass along your family’s cookie traditions to others.

Whether you're hosting or simply attending a cookie exchange during Cookie Exchange Week or some other time, Wilton will help you bring excitement and fun to the party.

Holiday cookie ideas

holiday cookie ideas

Over 100 holiday cookie ideas! Our collection of amazing Christmas cookies will help you wow the holiday crowd!

Holiday cookie shop

christmas cookie store

Visit our one-stop cookie shop! Find everything you need for the best holiday cookies!

Presenting holiday cookies

presenting holiday cookies

Create amazing cookie gifts! Your cookie container should be as tempting as the treats inside!

Cookie Exchange

cookie exchange

Get presentation ideas, party tips and a planning timeline for the ultimate holiday cookie event!

Transporting your holiday cookies

transporting holiday cookies

Protect your holiday cookies for travelling. Discover the best ways to package cookies so they arrive at the party without breaking!

Making cookies

making cookies

The essentials you need for mixing, coloring and piping dough, using a cookie press, cutting, baking and more.

Holiday cookie recipes

holiday cookie recipes

Open our cookie recipe box. Classic holiday cookie recipes are here - discover delicious new cookie flavors too!